Friday 2 December 2016

Winter Christmas Brocante ....

Christmas had come to West Sussex

Good Morning all, I hope you are keeping warm, I am again going around with a hot water bottle under my jumper, in fact I have that going on right now whilst typing this for you to read!  Not sure if it will catch on in the fashion world but it does keep me cosy!

Well as I explained yesterday I had mucked up the weekend dates and ending up going to Midhurst in Sussex to this gorgeous fair to pick up an order I had.

The Love Lane Vintage fairs run by Lucy and her team as always was stunning.  The car park was well thought out with marshals so show people where to park.  The marquees were all joined so that what ever the weather you could keep out of the cold and wander from tent to tent and into the pop up CafĂ© which this time was being run by Hector and Fox.  The food was exceptional I have to say but I have something to report on this for you Nicki .... Andrew did not have any cake!! I know ...

Instead he decided, as I was running around taking photos and collecting my order that he would go
gluten free and have a glass of champagne instead!!! .. He bought six bottle of it as well for Christmas and he said it is delicious.  At 11.30am it was a little early for me and I was boring and had a coffee and a mince pie instead ...  well that was a little later than that but still.

So there were so many people there that I knew and in no particular order I will begin.  Have a look at Carla Saint Martin-Walls stall it was all about Christmas to me with gorgeous reds and checks with beautiful Victorian fabric stockings and tine woollen Santa Hats to put truffles under on your table.  Also there was some red stitching samples that a child had stitched and they were framed.  Wow is all I can say, along with the fact that my gorgeous husband bought it for me as a Christmas present! I
know how lucky am I.  You will have to wait until January to see it I am afraid but it is worth the wait..

Then I spied the lovely Emma of Little Wren  Vintage and as always her stand was stunning, Emma has such an eye for detail and she makes the most luscious cushions as well.  Everything was set out just so and we had a catch up for a while.

Rosie's Armoir is such a favourite of mine and as I said I had placed an order with Helen so I was
scooting around trying to find her very quickly so that she knew I was there.  I was thrilled and you will see the show and tell on Monday.  There were gorgeous inspiration packs and vintage papers along with fairy dolls and oodles of vintage treasures to tempt.

Then who should I spy but Chris who runs the Cozy Club and we had a quick chat and catch up, as I turned round I looked straight into the face of Sarah Moore and we also had a chat.  We established that I would be at her event tomorrow in Sussex so there will be a blog on that next week for you all as well.  After I had finished chatting to friends I spotted the lovely Maud of Beyond France with all her beautiful linens and I had told her what I was doing with the skirt that I had purchased from her.

Just behind Maud was Mercer and Rose and again this is one lady I can always be sure to find some
great vintage stitchery items and today was no exception to the rule.  Her table was laden with gorgeous treasures and the show was getting rather busy by now.  The Friday had been manic apparently so goodness knows what that was like..

Opposite was Will & Bea and I was able to pick up some of the soap that she sells for my husband, he loves it and to his pleasure the bars had become bigger so he was thrilled that I had picked three bars up for him  Soon the fairs will stop for the Winter so I stocked up a bit for him, he has now got five bars at home and that it seems is his comfort zone as he does not want to run out of it... Lol.

Suzi of Hearts 'N' Kisses was almost opposite again and we had a lovely chat and catch up.  This lady
is always smiling and its infectious.  Her work is gorgeous and we laughed that I couple of bits she had made, so had I, not the same design but the same idea.... we talked about how all us vintage stitcher's are from the same mould!

Suitably Vintage were there as well and this is such a lovely couple and we always talk about house moving.  Last year they were looking for a house too and had sold as we did but could not find a house they wanted to buy so whilst I was looking through the pile of fabrics we discussed when we would both be putting the houses on the market again next year AND  trying again to find our forever homes.... We both said not until end of February as people need a break after Christmas.

Next door was All Things Vintage and Beautiful with a most gorgeous display which
was very Christmassy indeed and I really started to get into the spirit of Christmas at the weekend.

Christmas baubles and a tiny little sleigh along with bottle brush Christmas trees and a dear little vintage nativity scene to name just a few treasures.

The very talented Simone of Ayres & Graces was next door and oh my this lady is talented.  She can not only stitch and embroider but she makes the most gorgeous of animals in all sorts of mediums.  I have one of her Hares as you know and he sits napping on our bed.  There were hares, rabbits, dogs, mice, reindeer and lambs and all sorts of beautiful creatures ..... we chatted for a long while and I was able to look at all her beautiful work.... what a talent!!

Found Country Antiques was there with lots of beautiful things to tempt all.  She said
she had sold so much it looked a little empty but there was still lots of gorgeous things to tempt people with.  I love the eclectic nature of this stall, you keep seeing something different every time you look.

Next was Rosebud Decorative what a really pretty stall this was with so many gorgeous things to buy.  I had spied a few things but I am not buying for our new home anymore just to store it until we move - unless it is so rare I doubt I will find it again. So I just drooled over some bits and keep thinking next year!

Chalk and Paisley had shared a stall with Rosebud Decorative and it all blended beautifully.

 There were some beautiful advent calenders that she had made and some pretty fabric angels too along with some fabric angel wings to hang in your home at Christmas ....

Rosebud and Violet were along the way in the same marquee with some pretty vintage baubles and a gorgeous vintage table cloth on with a rabbit.  When I unfolded it I could see a doll on there and a duck and it was a child's table cloth and would look fabulous in a nursery or at their own little table in a kitchen ..... I wish I had known who to buy it for as it was so delightful.

Lois Kirsten was there as well and we had not seen each other since the Summer.  Again this is
an eclectic stall and has some really beautiful pieces on offer.  I was particularly taken with the vintage clock faces but resisted as I have some in my collection here at home ready to do something with. ( yet to be designed).

There were shells and books and china to name just a few bits ....

Wild Willow had a stall there. it so nice to have a florist at these kinds of events.  People are buying flowers to take home with them and the flowers and displays were gorgeous as you can see.  One lady was there buying a bouquet as she had bought a lovely enamel jug and she wanted something to go in it when she got home ...

As you can see she had a big choice on her hands!

Then I spied Grace Lane and this lady has shear talent and it is so different.  I stood for some
time looking at her art work and pieces that she had created.  I had never come across this lady before but believe me I think we will be hearing lots more about her.  The imagination that has gone into these characters and I can only imagine how much time they take to make .... have a look!

As I was walking around I heard a hello Sarah and it was Alix Cakesmith and she was sharing a stall with The Apple Loft and they live in Dorset so it was I was delighted to see them both.  They run the vintage fair at the Larmer Tree  and we had a catch up.  Now Alix makes the most gorgeous cakes and she had a taster of a Christmas cake going on.  I would have bought one too if I had not made two already myself that I am feeding well with Brandy..... No not both for us, one is for my Mum she loves
Christmas Cake!

The Apple Loft had some beautiful cushions and some linen pinnies for both ladies and little ladies and although these two stalls are so different they really did compliment each other sharing a space together.

It was nearly time to go and I had taken lots of photos as you can see but I had to take photos of Love Emily Vintage because something had caught my eye to bring home with me to decorate with this Christmas and there were lots of twinkling fairy lights and it looked so very inviting and pretty.  I will of course show you in the Show and Tell on Monday ....

As you can see there were all sorts of vintage goodies to tempt with.... including fabrics, no that is not what I purchased on here, you will have to wait!!

Anyway I hope you have had a great time looking a little around this fabulous event.  I enjoyed myself for the little time I was there just sorry that I could not do the Vintage Bazaar as well but I know that would have been incredible too.

I hope you have a lovely day and I have started you on the road to feeling the spirit of Christmas.  After all it is only 23 Days away .... EEEK!

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching1 XX


  1. Wow another perfect fair. Love the last picture with the rhyme, bring back homemade for Christmas, well perhaps not just for Christmas, forever!

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Hi Julie!
    Thank you and yes I am a true believer in handmade too! .. all year round.

    Sarah xxxx