Thursday 8 December 2016

The Sarah Moore Christmas Fair ....

The Holly and the Ivy when they are both
 full grown of all the trees that are in the wood
 the Holly bears the crown.

I love this fair and the fact that it is held at Sarah's actually home at Lands Hill Farm is the icing on the cake. It was decked out everywhere with holly and ivy around doorway arches and wreaths on
doors of the barn.  There was a fire pit with chairs to sit around to be warm and a lovely long wooden table with chairs to sit out on.

The T.V cameras were there because as you know Sarah does a program called Money for Nothing where she goes to tips around the country and save things from land fill.  Takes it home makes it into something wonderful again and sells it on for a profit.  Then she goes back to the
person she got the item from at the tip and gives them the profit ...

As usual the barn was set out as if it were one large shop and Nicholas and Steele were there along with Sarah herself had some things for sale.  There were a few people who had vintage goodies for sale but I am afraid it was so busy I did not get to get all their names.  Also in attendance was the lovely Liz and Jack of The Washerwoman fame.

It was buzzing with people by the time I got there.  Bramble Sarah's black lab was running around greeting people and anyone who had brought a dog with them who may want a game or two. Hector and Fox were there on site providing great coffee and tea as well as a fabulous beef stew and lentil and bacon soup being cooked in the open air.  They had also made an apple strudel and an amazing ginger cake as well... the air was filled with delicious scents and the atmosphere was Christmas.  Friends meeting friends here and the dogs playing it was a great time out.  If you have never been to one of these events then this is surely one for the calender next year and as I say other dogs are very welcome. This is one for you Dawn and its not that far from Chichester!  I have a recommendation too for staying over where dogs are also welcome ...

The large barn was full of Christmas beauty and set out beautifully as always with vintage Christmas
baubles and glass.  Tables full of gorgeous vintage treasures to be taken to a new home and also there was a wreath making class going on in the corner of the barn which made it all smell divine!!

There were vintage Christmas crackers, antique carol music sheets tied with string, decorations and baubles hanging from large twigs secured in a very large galvanised bucket and it sparkled in the winter sun that was coming through the windows and door.

As I said The Washerwoman was there and the stall was so full of beautiful things with baubles and baskets, French embroidery stamps, fabrics and linens along with buttons and all sorts of treasures.  This was somewhere you had to stay and look for a long while.

Liz had lots of table lamps on around her tables and the soft glow with all the reds on display really made it Christmasy ....

Sarah had an open armoir  full of gorgeous cushions and fabrics for sale.  There were fresh Christmas wreaths hung on the open doors and again it smelt so lovely.

I love the smells of Christmas, scented mulled wine candles and fresh pines and dried oranges it just evokes Christmas and cold weather hibernation ...   I light candles this time of year and sit by the fire and stitch, it is such a lovely thing to do it truly does not feel like working....

Sarah has had a shepherd hut made and that was open for people to go in and look, the wood burner stove was alight in there as well and it was really very cosy indeed.  There was a sign for who made it out of reclaimed everything and I believe the prices start from around £12,000 fully fitted with  the stove and cupboards, bed etc.

There were wooden painted candle boxes inside for sale and the atmosphere was so cosy I could have climbed onto the bed and snuggled in with a good book!

Outside the large barn was a guy selling old keys and tools and there was a vintage sign and a little
slipper bath... forever home would have had that if we were in it but I really can not store too much more for a house we do have yet .....

The old tools were very interesting and it is really lovely to see proper tool that have been sharpened and the wood cleaned and polished and taken such good care of.  I imagine the original owners of these tools that would have taken very good care of them being they were tools of their trade and lively hoods way back when and because I have an imagination and always have had as a child I find myself in my own world imagining these people and the clothes they would be wearing .....

There were people wandering around with a hot stew or soup in there hand with a good hunk of gorgeous bread and butter and the fire was blazing away to keep us all cosy.  Bramble was doing his best to look neglected so that she could be taken pity on an given her own stew and bread ... should anyone of dropped anything she was on patrol to clean it up quickly and efficiently with a lick of her lips!

I had some stew and a piece of ginger cake and it was so delicious and just the thing for this sunny but cold day.  Then I went back inside to have a good look through the large barn at all the goodies on offer.

With tables laden with greenery, baubles and handmade's and great vintage glasses and china it all
looked beautiful inside.  I was just looking around the and just had my stew and cake when I met Sue and Mike of Suitably Vintage who were there to see what treasures they could find.  It was lovely to see them and I had seen them a week ago at The Winter Brocante as they were stalling but today was a look around kind of day.

There was a hand painted dresser there with candles alight and baskets of baubles and glasses twinkling in the candle light. Me being a magpie at heart I had to go over and look through all the wonderful things on display.

With glass both coloured and white cut glass it was a joy to look through.  Again my dressers are groaning at home right now so I was a good girl and keep dreaming of my move .....

It was time to leave and we had decided to stop off at the pub up the road and go into the warm for a
cup of coffee and then we had planned to go into Chichester to the Susie Watson shop there which we did do..... We stayed in Chichester and had our supper before returning home to the South Coast.

It was a wonderful day out, I will be doing some show and tells later on down the line.  I hope you have enjoyed your little trip around this lovely vintage fair.

Hope you all have a great day I will leave you with a couple of images from The Washerwoman table that just sum up Christmas beautifully,  Happy Stitching! XX


  1. This fair is on my bucket list, but doubt if I will achieve that one

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Julie
      It is worth the trip. Maybe stay over night on the Friday. There is a fabulous pub in the village and it's reasonable... great food too make it a special treat ...

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. Thank you for all the lovely mentions! Lovely pix too xxxx

  3. Would love to go to the barn sale