Friday 9 December 2016

Show & Tell ... from the Cozy Club

You can not beat unique handmade
treasures, take a peek.

Well today is actually my Birthday and I will be going out for a meal tonight with my lovely husband.

My husband will be working from home today but does have to work so I thought I would go up to my Dads grave to say hi this morning as he can not visit me and then come home and light a fire and cosy up and catch up on some stitchery with a hot chocolate and a biscuit!  We are going out and about over the weekend so today I wanted to just sit and stitch .... no housework, no cooking just
enjoy so stitchery time by the fire....

So what did I treat myself to at the Cosy Club Christmas Fair.  Well I did tell you about the beautiful antique wooden shoe moulds that a lady had hand painted on and added a lovely candle.  I felt it was almost Nordic what do you think.  It is red and had a mouse painted on there with the words 'twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse'  I fell in love with this when I saw it and thought it was so different and beautiful .. this will come out year after year as a new Christmas tradition ornament ......

Then from Suzi of Hearts 'N' Kisses I bought two dear little Christmas trees with vintage cotton reel bottoms.  I have put one in each of my glass domes for going on the dinning room table.  I thought these too cute to pass up.  I have made a large Christmas tree and embroidered it with mill spool but these teeny ones had to come home.

Then from the Christmas journal lady I picked up one because my husband had said to get something
if I saw it for a Stocking he is putting together for me and one had reindeer on it and it was a larger one so I picked that up to bring home ....  I can not show you it until after Christmas as it was squirrelled away when I got home by him so that I might forget what I chose for myself.......

Angels Gather Here I had a good look around and bought several things as there was so much to choose from.  Dawn makes all her own thing even down to the wooden signs she had for sale.  This particular sign caught my eye and I thought how wonderful it would look in the kitchen so it came home with me.  As you know I adore cinnamon tea and so therefore it was a done deal .... It is such a jolly and warm sign I think.

Then I spotted a gorgeous cushion made out of vintage linen and
antique quilt cuts, Dawn had also embroidered little hearts on there as well and it was totally irresistible and sits happily in my rocking chair with the other Christmas cushions and the throw in the lounge.

I could not resist putting the painted shoe in this picture as well again ... It is not where it lives, that is on the fireplace surround but I felt another photo of it was in order!

My last purchase on this stall was these wonderful Christmas tree decorations made from vintage quilt pieces with cinnamon stick tree trunks and a mother of pearl star button on the

top of each one.  I simply loved them so much they jumped into my basket to come home. I have them dotted around in the dinning room with one hanging on my antique preserve cupboard just below the bear in the stocking ..... It looks just right there.

I bought six of them as you can see and they are so pretty and totally different to what is on the high street ... that is what I love so much about handmade and going to events like this, you get unique treasures.

My very last purchase of the day except for my piece of cake and hot chocolate was this great little bottle brush Christmas tree which sits on the sledge and vintage boxes under the fairy tree
I have put up in the dinning room.  It has Helinka fairy skaters and mice on it and it looks just right there nestled with Santa Christmas Crackers as well.  We also put our table presents under this particular tree .. its our tradition!

Have any of you seen the Helinka Fairies?  I will just show you one up close in a photo ..

Take a peek at this little fella, what a handsome mouse in his red jacket and I took photos of two of the lady skaters as well.

I love getting these out every year and I look forward to putting up
this little tree with them all together ...

On that note that is it today for this show and tell and I am going to get ready to go see my Dad and I have already got the fire ready to light when I get home along with a stitchery basket as well.  With the Christmas tree all lit up and the candles going I will be very happy today.  I am not opening any gifts until after my husband finishes work so that is something to look forward to later on.

Have a wonderful day all and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Lovely Christmas things

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie .. I am pleased with them. Xxx

  2. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Sarah
    Happy Birthday to you

    Have a wonderful day

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Ha Ha! Thank you!
      Started my day off smiling!
      Sarah xxxxx

  3. Happy birthday Sarah. Sounds like you going to have a fab day! x

  4. Bit belated, but Happy Birthday Sarah! Hope you had a lovely day and evening. Best wishes, Mo xxx