Tuesday 6 December 2016

A Cosy Club Special Christmas Event ..

If you were not in the Christmas Spirit before
you could not help be after this magical event.

I managed to attend the Cosy Club Christmas Fair last week and it was well worth the drive the other
side of Ascot.

It was wonderful to actually go and see Chris at her stunning home.  There was a fire pit going in the garden just in front of the wonderful wooden porch with chairs all around with cushions, blankets and throws.  Chris had got a great coffee van in her drive and the lady was selling coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more with wonderful cakes too. This was Coopers Coffee Bar.

On the porch to greet everyone and dressed in red with sleigh bells around her neck was the lady herself to greet everyone who came.  Chris had opened up part of her home with a few guest stalls and her General Store that she herself sells candles, ribbons, fabric packs and different goodies in during the year.  Some of you may have heard of The Cosy Club and Chris actually runs this in her home.  This is where people who want to learn how to make something scummy gather
during the year as Chris takes workshops.  You may have heard of the man in the crooked workshop, this is her husband Neil and he was there and I got a personal tour of his wood working shed.  He gets to make the frames for any samplers that are made on one of the Cosy Club workshops or any other wooden things like Christmas trees.

It was so lovely to be there, it was on my bucket list of vintage fairs to go to and here I was.  Chris said to me that this year it was much smaller and more intimate because she normally empties the bottom half of her home of furniture to get further makers in for this event but this year it just was not possible.  I did not mind one bit there was so much going on and lots of people who I knew and others I was meeting for the first time.

Chris had gathered handmade goods from makers in the space of the General store and just outside, some of the makers were there and others were not and Chris was looking after some of the goods.
The porch ( which is like you would get in America or Canada, which is where Chris is actually from was decorated beautifully.  With chairs and throws, cushions and evergreens.  If you are reading this and live in England you may know of Chris because she and her gorgeous home is often on the front of The Country Living Magazine and was the front page of December issue last year and has been lots of times.

This was such a wonderful event with such a great atmosphere as well.

Suzi of Hearts 'N' Kisses had a little table there and her gorgeous makes were going so fast.  When I
got there is was full and by the time I left which was 2 hours later there was practically nothing left at all and it was going on until 4 in the afternoon!  I had to get in there quickly to get two things I had spied earlier!

As you can see she had Christmas goodies abound but believe me when I say they were going very fast.  What was wonderful is that there were lots of ladies doing their Christmas shopping so they were supporting handmade which is so popular, I am pleased to say and being 10 things at a time.  This for an Aunt and that for their Mum, it was really lovely to watch.

Angels Gather Here was in attendance and I was so pleased as I do follow Dawn on Instagram but we had not met before and it was lovely to put a face to such beautifully handmade items.... I may have bought a few things from this talented lady.  There were cushions made from antique quilts and linens, wooden handmade signs, Christmas decorations and so much more to tempt people as you can see with china and Christmas stockings as well.

Hellish Designs was there with her gorgeous handmade lampshades and people were
especially drawn to the red and white ones being this time of year.  It is rather lovely to change colours in your home by changing around lampshades, quilts, blankets and cushions and you could see that lots of ladies had that very same idea as well....  With the gorgeous decoration and quirky bits that were already in The General Store the back drop for this little fair was so beautiful.  There were candles going and the smell in the air was Winter and Christmas.....

Rosablue was there with her handmade originals.  There was a dear little dolls bed in wood which had painted and a gorgeous vintage quilt and pillow on it.  Any little girl on Christmas morning would have been thrilled.  It was not there that long and I saw it  going out to be put in a car.

There were hand made dolls and rabbits with knitted jumpers and cloths and little fabric packs.

Then there was the lady there and her business is called La Noruse who had covered journals and had pretty ribbons around them.  With Christmas fabrics and wool fabrics as well.  She was doing a roaring trade and I was told by my husband if there was something there I liked to pop into my Christmas Stocking he is putting together then I was to get it... Well one of these beauties did come home with me!

As you went into the General store where Chris was stood the whole time greeting people there was a table with a red and white bear paw quilt on (which was not for sale) and there were some ribbons there for sale and some beautiful antique wood shoe moulds that someone (forgot to ask who actually made them as she was not in attendance) had hand painted and put a candle in.  They were so different, pretty and had a Nordic feel to them..... well I might have
And when I left 2 hours later there was only one left.  They are so

The table had ribbons on as I said and other goodies to purchase.  Have a look at the bear paw quilt as well, which belongs to Chris herself.

There were bottle brush Christmas trees and gorgeous metal heart hangers as well.  That quilt is so beautiful isn't it ... be still my beating heart.  Now had that been for sale I doubt my resolute decision NOT to buy another quilt would have flown away with wings over the houses and out of sight!!

It was time to have a hot chocolate and a piece of cake and sit by the fire pit and take in the atmosphere.  I had a lovely chat with the ladies pictured in the photos above and it was rather toastie and warm.  There is something about being sat out in the frosty garden when you are covered in a pretty quilt by the fire and drinking hot chocolate I can highly recommend it to you all.

I wanted to take some more photos of this beautiful home and I actually got a personal tour of it.  I did not take photos of the inside as this is Chris and Neil's private domain, that said she does herself take photos and pop them on Instagram and you can get a peek inside but I did not want to (although Chris said I could).  If you want to find her on Instagram look for the cozy club......

Can you imagine the inside if these photos are the outside? and believe me it is so cosy and welcoming.  Chris decorates her porch with the seasons so it is always welcoming and beautiful.

It was time for me to say my goodbyes and thanks and head off back to the South Coast.  I am so pleased I made the time to go and I look forward to next years event, this is a firm favourite and on the calender for next December.  My lovely friend Jo from Australia will be over then so I am hoping that she might be here for this event and we can go on the road trip together!

Anyway that is it and I hope you have enjoyed a look around this wonderful intimate Christmas fair and enjoyed seeing Chris and Neil's beautiful home.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX

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