Friday 16 December 2016

Christmas is coming! .... From our home to yours.

The Geese are getting fat,
please put a penny in the old mans hat
if you haven't got a penny a ha'penny with do
if you have'nt got a ha'penny 
God Bless You ...

Where exactly has this year gone? I can not believe it. I am looking forward to 2017 with some changes just around the corner.  I really hope that we find our forever home and that someone out
there is thinking about a move themselves and putting their property on the market, then we come along and snap it up, because it is just the right place for us.

There is lots to do  here including some things for my Mum so this will be my last blog until January. I will of course be saying Happy Christmas to you all on Christmas Eve so please come and see and on New Years Eve I will be putting a message on here too.

How is all of your preparations going?  Are any of you making some Christmas presents this year? I would love to hear about anything you are making....

I have started the wrapping and as you can see under the tree here at our home and the HQ of Homespun for the Love of Vintage it is getting in the spirit of Christmas well and truly.  Next week I
will be doing more wrapping, making of mince pies needs to be done and a little tradition of ours ** I always make a huge cottage pie with cheese on top for the freezer and we love that between Christmas and New Year as something warming but not as rich mid week ...

I have a basket of stitchery floating around here still so that when I have a moment I can pick up a needle.  There is always one on the go and I am trying to finish my antique quilt squares with hand embroidery I am putting on them ..... I wanted them done really but it has been so hectic with my Mum and Christmas too.  I am actually looking forward to a rest this year and looking forward to getting some stitching done after all the festivities are over and before I return to my blogging on the 9th Jan 2017!!!

Hopefully I will have a few bits to show you and of course I will show you my gorgeous red school stitchery sample picture that my husband bought for me ... I can not wait to open that.  He found me the other day with a picture hanging nail and hook and Harry Hammer .... He looked at me with some horror ( as he does all picture hanging) and asked as calmly as he could muster ... ' What are you
doing babes' ... so I said, well, deciding where that picture you have bought for me for Christmas is going so that when I open it I can run and hang it up straight away!! ... I was talked down as he pointed out I should really walk around with the picture and decide by him holding it up for me to look at! ... clever clogs!!

I have basically sorted my sewing room as much as it can be sorted ... I have lots of fabrics and quilt pieces in my collection .. I know its a shocker!!  The really useful boxes are stacked high but you can see carpet .. I can see in the boxes and so I can then see in almost a glance which box I need to get into, normally the one on the bottom!

I am looking forward to the break this year and so all that is left to say to you all is I hope you have some fun with your own Christmas preparations and that you have written your wish list for Santa, I have to write a book wish list as it is tradition here that I get a book bundle from my husband and other members of the family get to see my wish list for ideas too.

I will be back here on Christmas Eve so I hope you find time sometime in the day to come along here with a warm drink and have a read with me.  Have a great week run up and for those of you who will not be able to come back on the 24th Dec I hope you have a cosy Christmas and thank you all for your support over the year and all the lovely comments that you leave.

Take Care and if you have some time Happy Stitching! XX

Love Mr and Mrs Homespun xx


  1. Have a great Christmas, see you in the new year!

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie and I wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and a healthy 2017.
      Until the New Year!
      Sarah xxxx

  2. Haha! Love picture of you too. I am working right up to the wire, so entering full flung headless chicken mode. I've made a couple things for my sisters but am putting myself under pressure to finish a PW quilt for my daughter. Have a super super Christmas - I do look forward to your blogs next year. Lang may yer lum reek! Love, Mo xxxxx

    1. Oh Thank you Mo!
      And I know that Scottish saying because one of my best Friends has Scottish roots! So thank you.
      Hope you have a fabulous Christmas and enjoy the rest! After the biggest roast of the year is done you can put your feet up.

      Look forward to having these chats again in 2017.

      Take care Mo.
      Sarah xxxxx

  3. Have a lovely Vintage Christmas Sarah xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn and you too.
      Hope you have some time out and give those gorgeous dogs a kiss from me.

      See you in January...Thank you for all your support.
      Sarah xxxxxx

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Just getting back to blogging and wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. I can't believe it's almost New Years. Where did it go! Love your work! God bless! Diane xxxx

    1. Hello Diane
      Happy 2017 to you too. 2016 has flown by and it has been a mixed year for most with lots of great voices of music leaving us.
      I can not wait for you to start your blog again and share your work.

      Take care
      Sarah xxxx