Tuesday 29 November 2016

Square Boss Stitch

Good Morning All

I have lots to write about for you this week but I am afraid today it is a tutorial as I have had a phone call and must trundle off to my Mum today.

This is a great tutorial and I had not heard of the Square Boss Stitch before! Have any of you?

Enjoy this today and I will be back on Thursday, I still have a show and tell from Cowslip and there will be some writings on some vintage fairs in the next week too.

Lots more reporting before I take my Annual Christmas break which this year will start on Dec 16th ( that will be my last post of 2016) until I return back on Monday January 9th 2017 apart from my Christmas Eve hello and Happy New Year blog....

This is a great little tutorial so enjoy and I personally think this such a pretty and neat little stitch, I would  love to know your thoughts on it too.

Have a great Day and Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Hope your mum is OK

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie
      Thank you. Not a good day today at all.
      But when I left her a little while ago she had settled.
      It's been one of those days!

  2. Lovely stitch Sarah! So sorry to hear your mums day was not so good. Hoping tomorrow is better for you both. Love, Mo XX

    1. Thank you Mo .. It was a bad one with her talking to people I could not see and thinking she had been in London from 6am back by 9am and very confused and tearful ...

      We had a day together and I left her lot more settled in herself.

      How was the Vintage Bazaar?
      Sarah XX

  3. Oh that must have been upsetting for you too! Glad she settled.
    Oh my! The VB was wonderful. Met so many lovely people. It was quite funny because on a whim I sent in a 'shout out' request to Simon Mayo, saying we were on our way from Dumfries to Devizes for a Vintage Bazaar. By the time we got there the next morning people were taliking about the couple from Dumfries who got a mention for the VB on radio 2 and anytime we told folks we had driven from Dumfries they said 'oh are you the couple from radio 2?' Great fun though. Bought some old books from Jane, some fabric and buttons from Tilly D, pieces of quilt, a vintage 1940's hat, and lots more. Jimmy surprised me with a gorgeous 1950's American quilt - I had been dieting over it and so he got it when my back was turned. Planning to return in March. Got home tired but happy with all my wares! Xxx

    1. So pleased Mo! ... this time I will meet you in March .. we can finally meet. Hoping a few more of my readers will make the journey too.
      I said to one of the VB organisers that you were coming after reading about it!
      Tilly-D I am proud to say is one of my dear friends! She is so lovely.

      Sounds like you had so much fun!
      Sarah xxxx

    2. Oh how super, it will be lovely to meet you. Tilly D was simply lovely and so kind, telling me stories about the things I purchased. The buttons I bought are like little blue bells - I have already thought of a lovely thing to make with them. I a man sure you will understand when I say that for me the button is often the starting point and everything evolves from that! Mo. Xxx