Thursday 10 November 2016

Stitching mends the soul ....

Personal Project Love!

Do you remember back in the late Summer ( go on cast you mind back to warm weather) I bought a vintage skirt from Beyond France and I then sent it to my dry cleaners to let Donald do his magic? Well it came back whiter than white and now it is time to pimp it .....

I bought about 3 meters of vintage fabric which at one point was a frill on something and is all ready
gathered and hemmed as well so I am thinking of stitching some of this onto said skirt near the bottom, just above the vintage lace...

Then I found some gorgeous vintage red and white  plaid like fabric which I would like to incorporate somehow along with some embroidery and embellishment to make a vintage unique piece of clothing for myself.  The beautiful fabric  will be lower than pictured, I have decided so that you can just see the lace poking out at the bottom.

I am thinking a little patch of patchwork on the back so that it looks like its patched and of course
some design darning in a heart shape as well.  I need to get a pencil and paper out to sort of design it.  The one thing I know for sure is I am going to stitch the fabric to the bottom of the skirt first and then hang it up and look at it for a day or two!
I am not a dress maker by anyway shape or form so having bought the skirt which is a drawer string top I am able to almost flatten the skirt out for the stitching of the fabric frill which will be easier to add it to a finished piece.

In addition from the draw string waist there is about 12 inches which is not stitched together to help step into the skirt and I am thinking of making some buttons for this skirt, each one different and putting in button holes so there is no permanent gap at the side .....

I also would like to add some of this fabric ribbon to it and possibly that will be a covered fabric button. I like the red and lemon floral fabric and love the other two fabrics as well so they could all be different button fabrics, but one button I am going to cover in vintage linen that I have embroidered, that I have made up my mind about....

This is going to be great fun doing and I hope to spend a few days on it to get it finished when I start it.....

I have my pins and scissors out as you can see and I have now folded it all in a basket to start it in a few weeks time.  I am rather busy at the moment doing a magazine piece and a last minute commission that I just could not say no too! ....

I am off to friends this weekend and the following weekend I am in Cornwall for four days as I am attending the Cowslip Christmas fair.... I may well take the buttons with me for my little bit of stitching whilst away project ... I will see.

To think when I bought this skirt it was almost grey in colour but it has come up beautifully and therefore it just needs my personalised touches.  I can not wait to get it done and wear it next year at vintage fairs.

Anyway that is it for today as I really must be getting on, I also have a meeting with helping hand nurses this morning for my Mum so it is a busy day and I have so much stitching to be getting on with.  Hopefully this meeting will result in me not having to be on call so much with these dedicated team we are putting together who specialise in this field of care for people like my Mum.

Have a great day all and as always Happy Stitching! XX  .. what are your thoughts on this skirt project?


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with the skirt
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I hope things will work out for you and your mum Sarah, all very emotionally draining.
    The skirt is lovely and love the reds. Xxx