Thursday 17 November 2016

Meet The Maker: Jo Colwill ...Cowslip Farm.

Good Morning!

This will be my last blog post until Tuesday 22nd of November as I am off to Cornwall to the Cowslip Christmas fair.  Where I am staying there is limited Wi Fi (if any) so I have decided not to take the chance of not letting you know in advance and stressing over blogging whilst there.

I am very much looking forward to this event which has been running for over 15 years I have been told, although it has grown in size and popularity over the years it is still a family run event and was, I suppose, made more famous when Kirsty Allsopp televised a Christmas craft programme about
Cowslip and its Christmas Fair event.

So today I am going to share with you a video about Jo Colwill who lives at Cowslip Farm and also teaches quilting and patchwork workshops here as well as hosts several Fairs each year. (Picture taken from Google from Cowslip photos - this is NOT my work)

Never have I managed to be at one these, and this all about to change, as I am going to the whole event to take pictures, report and take the odd video myself as well as do a spot of Christmas shopping myself.  I know that Donna Flower will be stalling this weekend as will Caroline Zoob and the very talented Sarah Perry but that is all I know at the moment as I wanted to be surprised myself as to whom I may meet.

Friday evening is the late night with twinkling lights so I will be reporting on that too.  I have packed plenty of warm woollies, gloves etc and I have to say I am very excited indeed. We are staying in a little cottage and I have packed my hot water bottle too as at the moment I am feeling the cold something shocking ...

I really hope you watch this amazing video which is a little under 15 minutes and its worth enjoying it with a warm drink in hand like I did ...

Well I best be going with lots of things to do ... If anyone reading this is going to Cowslip this weekend please do say hello if you see me dashing around.  I will see you back here next Tuesday and will be reporting on what will surely be a fabulous Christmas fair event ... lots of photos, a show and tell and hopefully a great little video for you to watch!

Happy watching and Happy Stitching! XX