Tuesday 15 November 2016

Winter stitching ...

When feeling low its time to sew!
So a very close friend said to me yesterday.....

Life can be cruel and for families like mine going through a loved one with Alzheimer's it is not easy, especially with such a cruel decease like this one.  Decisions we do not want to face, in the end have to be.  So with such a terrible weekend with Mum that my sister had with her and neighbours we have decided its time for a home for her.  Yesterday was action stations to go look at suitable and lovely homes ( the prices are outrageous by the way) but still the home has been chosen.
There is a few weeks of preparation for us to go through and luckily a friend is having my mums little dog who has suffered a little over the past few weeks with not as much care and walks that is needed.  So I just wanted to let you all know that until after Christmas my blogs may be a bit sketchy in the fact that I may have to drop what I am doing and sort some things out.  Once my mum  is settled then it will be a lot easier and she will not be as scared either, bless her.

I have a mound of Winter stitching and can not wait to be able to sit and stitch with ease, at the moment I am like a cat on a hot tin roof with phone calls and worry so it will be a good thing all round.

Having several weekends away with vintage fairs as well, including this coming weekend I am in Cornwall for the Cowslip fair so we have had to get extra help on standby but hope we can get mum settled before then ... Its a possibility anyway.  I will be able to take stitching with me and sit with her which will be calmer for all concerned too.

I am excited about going to the fair at Cowslip as I have never been before so this is a big first for me and I intend to take lots of photos and possibly a little video of the event to report on for you next Tuesday as we are not heading back until Monday and with no signals really in that area and a bit hit and miss it is best.  I have a little list of some things and want to find some fabulous photo frames for old photos over the next few fairs ......

I have a little shopping list for my skirt project as well as I had a little doodle on some paper and had some fresh ideas,  I know its not a ball gown to meet the Queen in but I do want it to special and something I will love to wear for a long time so I am careful not to stitch too much before I am absolutely sure.  What I do know and will not change my mind on is the vintage fabric frill I showed you and the different buttons to close the split at the side of the skirt when the draw string is fastened.  If not there would be a gap from tied waist to top of my legs!!! down one side so I think the buttons rather than poppers are a lovely decoration as well as practical.

Antique patchwork squares are wanting stitching their saying in and some buttons stitched on and two other pieces need completing too so I have to get going.  The weather has turned so cold, at least I am freezing at the moment so its log fires and log burner season and the baskets have been filled with logs and the coal hods are full too.  There is nothing like sitting by the fire all cosy and stitching or reading a book later in the evening ...

Today I have the day at home to sort through some things and also sit and stitch as I have only a few day until Cornwall ... I will be packing to go and popping my list in but also having some stitching time too and going over to Mums this week to sit with her and stitch possibly as I will not be able to pop in over the weekend.

I think I may have a stitchery book review for you all coming up as well, just awaiting its arrival and as its that time of year when loved ones are looking for gifts for one another its probably perfect timing for lots of you because of your love of stitchery.....

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I am walking in your shoes too, decisions to make.......
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Julie indeed you are, you did say and they are hard but that said safety is a issue and for my mum and her utter care. Still not easy though is it.

      Sarah xxx

  2. My heart goes out to you, my Mum had a massive stroke and had dementia afterwards for six long months before she passed away. She had to go into a home and we didn't even get a choice. However heartbreaking it is the best choice for your mum as there will be constant care and it will give you more strength and time to give her all your love, which is something that nobody but you and your sister can provide. I hope you find some respite in your stitching and the trip to Cornwall. Lots of love as always Dawn xxx

  3. Thank you Dawn for your kind words..
    Sarah xx

  4. Dear Sarah, I am so sorry to hear of your mum's deterioration. It is a really difficult decision to make with regards to long term care homes, but they are all so much more aware of the manifestations of Alzheimer's and the care required. She will be safe and cared for and get the treatment she needs - so glad her wee dog is safe too! Take care! Xxx

    1. Thank you Mo it has been a shock to see how quickly someone can go down hill with this terrible illness. The thing is other than her mind she is as fit as a flea and the confusion is distressing. She is scared most of the time too,

      That said we are taking it all in hand to get her looked after safely and with kindness and dignity but these things can not happen over night unfortunately. January will bring this change but until then we will keep her going and making her feel loved and happy in her own home.

      Sarah xxx