Thursday 24 November 2016

The Cowslip Christmas Fair .... Part Two.

Cowslip the home of the quilt.

I have to say if you have never been to this three day event then it is worth the effort of finding somewhere to stay over and attend because there is so much there for people who love Vintage and
for people who love quilting as well, not only with vintage fabrics but with new fabrics as well.  You can buy everything you need to make and complete a quilt with not only fabrics but tools, thread and so much more.  There a whole quilt packs so you have everything that you need in them.  The cafe and the shop is open all the year except for certain dates and bank holiday ( see the web site for details, search google Cowslip Workshops)

Well as I said we went for a few hours on the Friday evening and the atmosphere was wonderful with Carol singers and sparkling lights and candles.

The next day we went back for a daylight look and for me to look properly in the very well stock quilt and fabric shop that is on site.  Busy is not the word for it but its all part of the charm and the atmosphere.  I decided to go to the shop first in the morning before going around the barns again.  There were around 4 ladies in there to help you if you needed it and they were busy cutting lengths of stunning fabrics and I must
say Nicki I kept thinking of you as I was going around.  It must be one of the best stocked fabric and quilting shops that I have ever seen.

The shop is beautiful with so many fabrics, wadding, tools, threads and packs to choose from with quilts hanging around to add to it all.  You have to walk around several times because you will miss things first time as there is so much to see,  The ladies working in there over the event were knowledgeable and so very helpful too.

As you were looking you could see colour coordination and the shop basically blended in waves of stunning colours and patterns.  Wadding was in rolls and stacked up right along with some gorgeous ticking on the roll. I felt that if what you wanted was not in this shop then it was not manufactured because the choices were vast and it was such a lovely experience.

I spent some time in here looking and snapping away photos, whilst dogging people so as not to obscure the fabrics for you all to see.  If you had seen how many people were in here you would pat my back!  They were lovely and moved aside for a quick photo shoot from me ....

I bought some ticking fabric for a lap quilt that I want to make or get someone to make for me depending on how my
time goes, and at the moment I have very little.  If I have not started it by January then I might be calling upon a very talented lady who made me a paisley quilt.  I have all the fabrics so I will see if I can persuade her ... Miss Nicki x

I went in and out of the shop several times through the day to look at all the fabrics and the patterns and colours of the fabrics but it was time to go over to the main barn to take some photos that I needed to take in the daylight.  As I walked across I could smell a B B Q and there was a sign saying that there was a B B Q this way .. just follow your nose!  and some people were walking along sniffing the air.

Entering the big barn witch was decorated with lights and Chinese lanterns across the ceiling and quilts hanging on the walls, you could hear chatter and laughter and it was indeed very busy.  The stalls had re stocked from the day before and people were wandering around with bags and baskets with their found treasures in.

I headed to Teresa Dunne Textile Artist with some beautiful dresses made of fabrics and pictures.  I was talking to Teresa for quite a while and we were discussing how long things take
to design and make.  I had told her I had made a small dress from vintage fabrics earlier this year and that I was really proud as I am not a clothes maker at all.  I am not sure if I tried to follow a pattern it would turn out right.  I had just cut the fabrics out and made a little dress ( well it is about 16 inches long) and I had stitched it all together and gathered the waist etc.  She was saying about how she went about things and also how she loved the back of her work even more sometimes that the front.  Teresa also is a beautiful embroiderer too and she said that the back of her work made such a pretty pattern that she loved so much.  So much so that when she can get hold of the antique glass frames that show the back as well, she loves putting her work in them. I had seen her work the evening before but felt that her work needed light for the photographs to do it justice .....

Moving along I found Bee and Ivy This lady sold wool, not just any wool but from her own flock witch she then collected and washed, combed, natural dyed and spun ... The colours of this stall
made you stop and just stare.  I love colours that are a bit different in shading and this is what this lady had achieved.  With some beautiful wool.  I can knit a little but I am not a knitter but I really wanted to buy some of this.  I did refrain because I just did not know when I would get around to it with everything else that is going on in my life but I took a card because when my Mum is finally settled next year I will have my time back to create more than I am now and I would love to knit something with this wool.  I am a very basic knitter but maybe a knitted patchwork blanket would be in order with some fabulous colours from this collection.

The Stitching Post was next and there was some really lovely Christmas fabrics there along with packs with everything you needed to complete a project from napkin holders to Christmas ornaments. People who love to make quilts as well would have done well here with fat quarters of fabrics both in bundles and separately for you to buy.

There were little felt Christmas ornaments and also little packs for you to buy and take home and make if that was what you wanted to do.

Cotehele Mill Pottery was one of my personal favourites because as you know I adore
Hares and Zane who is the maker must love them too because he made some great tiles with them on. You will see what I bought in the show and tell next week of course but I took photos at night because of the candle holders he had made and they were all twinkling away in the evening.

This talented man made owl candle holders, tiles and coasters among other things and I went back twice to buy some things.  The tiles you can hang on a wall because they have a hanging hole at the back for a hook.   I will say I bought three tiles and a coaster for my sewing room because, yes you guessed it there was a hare on it and it had to be done!

Textured Tana was selling packs of William Morris design fabrics and of course this was Liberties fabrics.  I thought of you again Nicki and I know you would have picked up something here.  It was beautifully set out and as I say there were packs of fabrics enough for great projects or quilts.  There were packs with instructions to make say a cushion and all sorts of fabric goodies to be had ...

Now I have to say in a little barn there all cosy was a man selling antique bottles and pottery and I did blog so I can add it to his pictures .....  Just have a look at this Aladdin's Cave of treasure!
buy a few.  He wrapped them for me beautifully we had a chat and a huge laugh.  He helped me and was thoroughly lovely.  I can not for the life of me find a card for him and it is a great sadness to not be able to name this business and also for me to get in touch again.  If anyone out there reading this knows the name please leave a message on this

Can you see why this was such an amazing display of good condition bottles and jars ... so please if you were there and know who this lovely chap was let me know so I can add his name here.  Thank You!

So add on ... Sue of Vintage to Victorian has come up trumps for the Bottle Man .. It is Richard Westacott - Jones and his number is 07734434081  Thank you Sue, once more to my rescue! X

Well that is it from Cowslip Christmas Fair and I hope that you enjoyed your virtual tours of such a
wonderful place.  Cowslip is open for courses take both by Jo and by guest teachers with different skill sets.  I know that Mandy Shaw was there taking a course around a week ago and of course the lovely and talented Sarah Perry takes embroidery lessons there as well to name but two.  If you go to the Cowslip web page you will find a list of courses and events for your diaries.

I hope you have enjoyed today's blog and sorry it is a little late .....

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! X .. I hope you have been inspired to create.


  1. Wow lots more lovely pretty things

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Oh Julie it was very very good and very very tempting place to be ..

      Sarah xxx

  2. Oh goodness, this looks simply wonderful Sarah. I'm glad you had a great time there. You have painted such a colourful picture of the experience - I will definitely put that on my list for next year. I am super excited because we are travelling from Scotland on Friday night to attend the Vintage Bazaar in Devizes. If it's anything like this I'll be in heaven! Love, Mo xx

    1. Mo!

      How fabulous! Oh I am not sure If I am going to be there either because of mum but if I do I will try and find you at the VB and if I do not attend have the best time ever .. you will love it.

      It was a great time at Cowslip and they do a Summer fair as well.

      Safe Travels and take care!

      Sarah XX

  3. I have the bottle man's flyer Sarah. He does Shepton Flea and Donna knows him too. I'll photo it and pm you xx

    1. Oh Sue you are fabulous! Thank you so much.

      Sarah xx