Monday 7 November 2016

November November! .... and sat stitching and unpicking!

Dull November brings the blast,
Then the leaves are whirling fast. 

Please do not worry about the unpicking part, its not my stitchery that I am doing it to but indeed I am still going for a few hours a day on the Victorian Suffolk Puff Quilt..... I have to admit to enjoying it rather.  I have been putting a film on and taking in a warm herbal tea with me and sitting with it
over my lap I have been unpicking the tiny tiny stitches and making them into batches of say 6 or 18 and more..... not forgetting to keep some for me.  I did sell some that I was going to keep for myself as a lady asked for a batch of six in a particular colour and there they were so .....

This weather we have had, and not really being hugely cold, has been pleasant for walking and with the leaves crunching under foot its been lovely.  I like to go and collect acorns at this time of year, acorn cups for me and the acorns themselves to feed Mr Squirrel in the garden, although he is spoilt because I give him other goodies too.  He love the peanuts in their shells but he also is partial to some pecan, walnuts and pistachio's too .. yes I know but I love the little fur bundle and he does come right up and we have a chat, well I chat he seems to listen ... too much time spent on your own I hear you cry, I wish!!.... No but really I am a huge animal lover so it is a joy to me and I get to get closer to nature this way as well.

It is a little too cold someday's to sit in the garden but I have been out there with a blanket over me
and done some unpicking for an hour with the light and fresh air and then all the friendly animals gather to see what I am up too.  The robin sat for ages watching me and then was rewarded with a handful of meal worms ( which are his favourite!) come to think of it that is probably what he was waiting for all along!!

Sometime over the next week I am going to do a little stock check and also look through my design journals just to check as to what I might need or like for the Winter stitching ahead.  The last of the Vintage Fairs for this year will be held by early December and so I want to have everything that I need.... who am I trying to kid, if I was not able to get out for 6 months I would have stock but that said it is lovely to have just the right things to complete projects I always feel.  The picture on the left above is some feed sack fabric that I purchased from Donna Flower recently and I am thrilled
with it ...

I am going to Cowslip Christmas Fair this year for the first time and my husband and I are booked into a little one bed cottage for a few days to enjoy not only the fair but have a little mini break and take in some of the beautiful Cornish air and scenery as well.  There are a few names that I personally know of going and lots of people I am sure that I have never had the pleasure of meeting as yet so I am very much looking forward to going to this.   I will of course be taking a list around with to fairs thus the mini stock take over the next week ... Then you see something scrumptious that is not on your list and well.....

I will be photographing my treasures that I purchased at the Vintage Bazaar and showing tomorrow I hope.  Then they can be packed away and that will be clear it all for me to do a mini stock check on Wednesday for my Winter survival stitchery stock ....

I have been unpicking some of the Suffolk Puffs for me over the weekend which was nice as I have been selling them on Facebook to make it pay for itself.  Finally getting little bags filled with some beauties for my creating Winter months.  There are two camps and thoughts on whether to wash things like these or not ... I am all for washing them as you know so I have washed some and dried them and sorted them and they smell divine.  Rose and Cedar Wood special washing liquid I bought in America and so therefore they are perfect to create with now for me.  I washed the Victorian Quilt I bought in the same liquid as I wanted it on the bed but not with Victorian dust!! and it smells beautiful and looks so clean ...

Well I best away to my stitching and unpicking and washing and pressing fabrics, oh and photo shooting!  Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching.  I will leave you with a photo of antique printing blocks that have been cleaned up by Sue of Vintage to Victorian and I bought them from her.  Hoping I have the letter the correct way round ( we laughed about the last lot because I kept getting them upside down and wrong way round)  Those spelt the word VINTAGE if you remember.  So when I saw the word TEXTILES in the blocks they came home with me.

Have a great day! XX


  1. I always wash carefully. I think it brings the vintage fabrics back to life.

    1. I could not agree with you more Julie, it give it it's old lustre some how and it smells fresh and not musty ..... I really love the rose and cedar that I bought and I feel it helps with unwanted nibbles from the moths as well.....

  2. Haha Sarah! Just the last 'E' the wrong was round! Otherwise "a good effort" as they say! 😂😂 xx

    1. See Sue I knew I would get something wrong! Cant read backwards that is for sure!

      Thank you for my good effort! LOL

      Sarah xxx