Thursday 28 July 2016

** Tiny wee stitches **

Embroidery has a natural affinity for flowers.
 It can also, of course, represent nothing at all. 

Chris Rankin

This is a very true statement above, hand embroidering flowers is such a great thing to do and the beauty of it when added to something is second to none.  Either a pillowcase or a picture or even a piece of clothing, it can make all the difference.

 Equally you can embroider in freehand style that does not represent a solid object but still looks amazing on pieces of fabric art as well, its diversity is amazing and can make the plainest of fabric look outstanding.

If you get some lovely fabrics together and see if they are pleasing to your eye and blend and stitch them together, either in squares or in a crazy pattern and then stitch some thing on there such as little flowers, a saying, some buttons or applique then you have a beautiful wall hanging or something to
frame.  It does not have to represent anything at all, just pleasing to you.  You could even buy some vintage pieces of patchwork and add to those with a little stitchery ...

I have found another beautiful vintage book to cover and this is a embroidery book so at some point I will be doing that, probably at the weekend.  It does get very sticky though I have to worn you.  I am going to write down how I do it as I go along to get some firm instructions going .... It is like when I cook most of the Italian meals that I do, I just cook them and have from a child being that my gorgeous Dad's mum was partly Italian so I am a little washed out in that department but I do look like her very much.  I learnt well and just cook things.  When asked how do you make that I can not tell exact amounts as I do it until it tastes right!  Not helpful to pass down the family I know, so have started writing it down as I add and then from that I can make a proper recipe... Its the same for the books as it is slightly book binding in a tiny wee way.  Everything has to be neat and correct in my head.

When I am either sketching, cooking or stitching it is a calm thing for me to do and I enjoy it.  That is the important thing I believe is to enjoy... If your thing is crochet or knitting, painting or gardening it does not matter as long as you get enjoyment from the task in hand.

Myself I have often said to you that what I do daily does not, somehow, seem like work at all most of the time.  It is only deadlines that turn the heat up slightly but if you start in plenty of time to get something finished with a time attached to it then it, then you can enjoy each stitch. Do not get me wrong there are things in life that we have to do but are not the things we get up looking forward to but has to be done .. like cleaning the toilets but mostly we need to get enjoyment or feel fulfillment out of what we do.

I can stitch and think as well so I am lucky in that way and I am able to think about other projects or how to sketch this or that.. and the whole process for me is relaxed and creative.  I need to be creative daily because it is part of me.  It can be stitching or picking flowers and arranging them to go in the house or making banana loaf or butter ... something and anything creative.

So on that note I must be away to my stitching!  I am eager to get started this morning as I am loving what I am doing ... always with two projects on the go so that I can step back and ponder over my
pieces ..

Have a wonderful day and of course Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Love that log-cabin patchwork.

    (I have my blog back and I can post again)

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Hi Julie

    I am very pleased with the log cabin too.. its a treasure!
    So pleased your blog is back ...will pop over and have a read at lunchtime ... bliss.

    Sarah xxx

  3. I love teensie stitches too Sarah!
    Pleasing to the eye whether haphazard or design (and therapeutic)

    1. Hello Sally

      Oh yes you are so right! teeny tiny wee stitches .. nothing like them.
      Hope to see you at the VB on Saturday.

      Sarah xxx

    2. Ow good....nice and early! Tweet! tweet!

    3. See you there lovely lady ... coffee catch up xx