Friday 8 July 2016

Early morning stolen stitches!

** My soul really is fed **
with a needle and thread!
-- * * * --

I was up with the larks this morning with lots to do but I made the mistake of taking my early morning coffee into my sewing room and that was it!  I picked up some stitching and started and could not stop.

 My coffee went cold, my husband went to work and I was still sat there at 7.30am this morning in my PJ's!!!  Then I looked at the time and had to quickly shower and get ready to do this blog ..... The bathroom will have to wait now until the other end of this day for a clean.  Plus I got distracted with the fabric that is pictured .. well you would be wouldn't you, its stunning and going in the next project ....

I normally like to get up and do house work for a few hours before my working day starts ... I am actually sipping away at my now first cup of coffee whilst typing this to you all.....  Stolen morning stitches! lovely. and listening quietly to the radio whilst working ... nothing like it.  It is so light in the mornings now and if it is not raining then of course it is sunny and I am awake with the larks.... it can be annoying because I do like my 8 hours....

It is a busy weekend this week because we have a wedding to go to tomorrow, more about that on tomorrows blog.  Then we have somewhere to be on Sunday too so no stitching all weekend for me, which will be strange and by Monday morning I will have withdraw symptoms of the highest degree!

So today I am going to be stitching all day, no designing or sniffing around my paisley draw, no today I am going to focus on little stitches!  It would be bad to stitch at the wedding ceremony, wouldn't it,? yes it would Sarah I say to myself.  My husband warned me that he did not want to have to say to me " step away from your work and come here and let me check your handbag!" in the morning....

I am going to grab a work basket, as I have three projects on the go, and sit with that and focus on a piece of work today and hopefully get one finished and ready for the framers ..

Having so much to do and wanting to work on it I get rather greedy with my time.  Its so lovely when I have nothing on the horizon but my stitching....

Hand embroidery for me at the moment is flowers for one project I am doing.  Tulips and daisies and little french knot type flowers as well as trying to make tiny cornflowers too.  I always have a go on my test hoop.  I think I have told you about this before but can not remember as it may have been years ago now ( I have been blogging since 2013) but I have an embroidery hoop set up all the time
with vintage line in it, tight as a drum .. this is my test hoop.  If I have an idea I test it on this first so as if it is not right or does not work .. there is no unpicking on my actual work.  This helps enormously when I am making things up.. thus the test tiny corn flowers, which I have to say are looking really very good, even though I say it myself!!

Well that is it for today as it is a short one for me because of tomorrow.  Lots to do and prepare.

Have a great weekend and do not forget to come back here tomorrow as there is a great little tutorial for you to have a look at ... Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX

This is my new art work for my business .. what do you think?


  1. No you cannot take stitching to a wedding - not a done thing!

    I was like that yesterday should have doe something else but sewed instead!

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Head down in shame! ok ok ... I know you are all correct but I do think it is time management..

      I am not the one that has to answer questions ... or answer, like I DO ... So I could just sit quietly!!!

      Sewing is medicine for the soul and not wasted time Julie ... so yesterday was a good day.

      But no I will not ... Hope you have a great weekend.
      Sarah xxx

  2. Hoop idea fantastic! I have a wooden hoop with stand and will look so pretty covered in all kinds of flowers and stitches. Would love to see your cornflowers x

    1. Hi Sally

      Thank you yes my practice hoop works well for me and you end up with lots of different things going on it ...

      I will show you next week will photograph a teeny cornflower that I have devised ..

      Sarah xx