Wednesday 6 July 2016

My vintage plunder ... from Sarah Moore and Frome weekend.

Fabrics * Buttons* French linens* Goodies a plenty* Vintage china*
*cushions*glass jars*French enamel*handmade*

Well as you know this event was a absolute hit in my eyes and as I said before visually outstanding too.  I forgot to tell everyone in my last post about the fair that a couple actually came from Holland to be there!  yes you are reading it correctly .. Holland! and they were over the moon with it too.

So what did I buy?  Well my first purchases of the day were from the lovely Liz & Jack and I had spied a really beautiful and old patchwork quilt top.  It is not huge but could go in a middle of the king size bed to dress it, be a wall hanging or indeed be put on a table for a cloth ... does it matter what you do with it? no is the answer, it was very old, stunning and it needed a good home to take care of it.  I think it will be all three of the above over time in our next home.....  The colours are really beautiful and faded with time worn elegance and the backing is like a velvet. There is no wadding inside it at all and it is not quilted.   

As you can see it is a thing of beauty and a sight to behold. There are some patches with a black
fabric in in the corners but I could not get it all in for you to see. I did however pop it over the kitchen table for the photo shoot ..

In addition to this beauty I was tempted to a tiny box of  threads.  They are so wee and I just loved them.  I can probably state that I will not use them although they are in tact and have 8 yards on each on the box that they are  in a variety of 12 useful shades!
spool and were made in England and it states

There was something about them being miniature that really appealed to me and they are so unusual too.

Then I spied some old French postcards that were in a plastic bag and I took those homes with me as well to be framed ... 

They really are beautiful and very floral as you will see.  Enough to brighten a corner of any room and bring summer to even the dullest of winter days .... The vases with the flowers in just appealed to me.  It does not matter what room you display these they will fit in anywhere and look gorgeous.

Then it was time to roam around the huge barn with all the displays and goodies galore.. There was so much to take in.  As I said I did not know who's things in here I was picking up except for a couple of items ...

Firstly this beautiful tea cosy made from vintage quilt pieces and this was a Hector and Fox item as it was written on the tag and not in code ... It was such a lovely one and being that it is made from quilt it is padded and keeps the tea very warm indeed, which my husband prefers ...

Then I knew the display was from Nicholas and Steele and they always have great jars both glass and
pottery and so I picked up two of the glass jars as you see, as soon as I saw them I had an idea for them.  Then a little pottery pot to add to my little collection.  I love putting little flowers in them on the dresser in between the vintage china so this was a cute shape as well ....

Moving along I spied lots of china .. now some of the china that I am going to show you was bought from Frome the next day but I photographed it as a whole with a few pieces separately.  I have been collecting pretty vintage china more so this year to take to our new home ... with ideas for its use along with a huge party when we actually move in ... it seems logical to me to buy it when you see it, rather than panic buy when you have an event looming.  It is going to be packed up and put into our storage unit for our move.  I am enjoying looking for pieces where ever we go ... sometimes you see nothing and other times you see 10 pieces .. it all depends

The three bottom pictures (above) are of things bought in Frome from Number 10 of  Warminster ..Its a fabulous shop and also I was lucky enough that Adele who owns it does the vintage market once a month in Frome on the first Sundays.

The plate is really very beautiful, well it all is but it has now got a glass dome sat upon it for cakes.. it will be wrapped to go.  The trio is kind of made up.  The side plate and the cup match but its a different saucer to blend .. I prefer it somehow.

Then I bought two Sarah Moore pin cushions .. Firstly the famous pea pod and then the strawberry.  They are really lovely and look great in my sewing room right now.  I think you can not have enough beautiful things to surround you when you are stitching and designing.  It makes you think happy thoughts and there is nothing like having beautiful fabrics made into gorgeous and useful items ... unless they are just beautiful :}

Next purchase was from Frome on the Sunday ... And do you see why this had to come home with me?  I mean there are so many uses for a good vintage basket!  Shopping and of course I use some for project baskets in my work.  This one is so good to use as both but I can see it more on my arm for wandering around doing some shopping ... even if its walking up the road to your local little shop or village for bread and milk ... its a keeper!  Its  late 1950 early 1960 I believe and I just loved the blue handle ... it has an oval bottom with wood in it and I might make a little oval fabric base cover .. not sure.

Then at Sarah Moore's I found this beauty!  It is a vintage wicker glass carrier and it's French.  I thought Oh a Pimm's carrier for the garden .. I can see it easily taking the glassed down the garden in this, leaving the other hand free for the jug of Pimm's !! I was so enchanted.  This just needs some recycled glass small tumblers I think...   As you can see it carries 12 glasses so that is great when friends get together in the garden on a warm evening ( we are bound to have a warm evening in the next few years ??)

Well that is he show and tell of last weekends vintage treasure hunt at both Sarah Moore on the Saturday and the Frome vintage market on the Sunday ... we had a thoroughly good weekend and we both love the treasures that we found....

I hope you have enjoyed sharing my loot today and that you have a great day ... I am off to do some work now, well I say work, it is but it does not feel like it  and As always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Love that quilt you bought from Liz, and the threads. I too love baskets and have a few.

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie

      Thank you, yes the quilt and threads are really beautiful and a little unique too. On the subject of baskets, I am a firm believer there are never too many :))

      Have a great day.

      Sarah xxxx

  2. Lovely write-up Sarah, so pleased the quilt, threads and postcards have all gone to a happy home! xxx

    1. Hi Liz
      Oh you can be very sure of that, they are treasured. The post cards have gone off to the framers already! I am thrilled with my treasures.

      It was lovely to see you and Jack and will see you at the Vintage Baazar on the 30th July.

      Sarah xxx

  3. Gorgeous treasures Sarah. I love the tiny reels in a Deco box. I collect little baby cotton reels and display them in a teacup. They seem hard to come by. I try telling my husband that you can never have enough baskets but he doesn't seem to be of the same opinion. Like you, I have a box in the loft of china that is ready for a vintage party and has sadly been used once only. It does entail a lot of washing up by hand afterwards and I learnt the hard way not to leave it in very hot water or the china becomes crazed. Something I did as a centrepiece pleased me very much, you know the old chrome plated deco coffee pots well I used one of those to put some garden roses in and I was really pleased with how it looked. I must find my photo for you. I love unique ways of displaying flowers.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing the treasures with us. Love Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Baskets are both useful and beautiful.. Tell your hubby! Lol

      I just love vintage China and I have been known to pu in dishwasher on a cooler wash for hygiene.. Must say though I hate washing up unless it's vintage and the same for ironing!
      Iron fabrics all day!

      Glad you enjoyed the read ..

      Sarah xxxx

  4. Aww! You managed to find some amazing items Sarah. Loved them all 💕

    1. Hi Sally

      I am pleased with my plunder! 😁

      Sarah XX