Monday 25 July 2016

Moonlight, the sea and the sound of whale song!

Whale song is hauntingly beautiful
There are many great minds
on this earth, not all of them are human .....

After what seems like an eternity of waiting for my special button it has arrived over the weekend.  It had been opened by customs but they had treated it with some respect.. the puzzling thing is they opened all the packaging but did not open the button its self which was tightly wrapped in bubble wrap ..still its here!!

Well you will have guessed by now it is a vintage carved mother of pearl whale button.

When I saw it I saw a design in my head so I purchased it straight away and have finished my design for it and will be
starting it soon.  Sewing is going slowly because of the heat.  My fingers keep letting the needle go and it slips and pricks me ... ouchy!  It is ok for some of the day in the garden in the shade until the sun moves around.  Inside even with all the windows thrown wide it is like a still warm and breathless place to be.

 I have two others to finish
before I should start this one and I am eager to do so, but I must be disciplined and wait.  I will have to get the basket ready .. some is in there but not all.

This gorgeous button has beautiful markings and detail and the tail is carved.  I am so happy with it ..

You can see why I fell in love with it and it is so unusual so until I use it, I will wrap it up carefully in tissue paper and place it in the work basket for me to find.

I have had great fun finding fabrics and still have to search another draw for more, this will be my job today when it gets too hot.  I will sit happily on the floor of my stitchery room and have a little mix and merge and then get it all together and then look at all the different colour threads in light blues and sea greens to go with it all .. along with the white cotton to stitch this button in it place at the end.

Well that is it for today and wish me luck in my stitching and to not get too distracted by this button, I can resist anything but temptation .. quote from Mr Oscar Wilde and it fits this situation!!

Have a wonderful Monday whatever you are up to and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. That button was well worth the wait, it gorgeous.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Julie

    Thank you it is a beautiful button! I keep looking at it! ..
    I must concentrate on finishing other bit first then I can create with it! ...

    Hope you have a great Monday.

    Sarah xxx

  3. That button is a very rare find, so special. I'm looking forward to seeing what wonderful treasure you create with it. Xxx

  4. Hi Dawn

    It is very beautiful and I keep looking at it. It is in a vintage saucer on my sewing desk because I can not bare to put it away!
    I am afraid of misplacing it too so thus the saucer!
    It's my inspiration to have a long sewing day today and tomorrow to get work completed.

    It's not as hot today so it's possible..

    Have a lovely day!
    Sarah xxx