Tuesday 26 July 2016

A thing of beauty with a needle and thread.

Embroidery has continually played an integral part in the history of man and woman.
It not only signified certain status and wealth through the ages but it has also given
countless hours of satisfaction 
 to those who could create something
 of beauty with a needle and thread.

Margaret Pierce

Well never a truer word spoken for me as it is true, embroidery and stitching has given me countless hours of satisfaction and feeling that you have achieved something of beauty with a needle and thread and in my case fabric and buttons too.

Today is the day that I might start the picture with the whale button .. eeeeekkkkk!  I am hoping anyway.  I have a bit more to do but it is  possible that I will make a start even if it is one stitch!
For sure I at least will get it drawn out on the linen and any appliqué will be cut I am hoping by this evening and maybe it will be started tomorrow that is the plan anyway ...

I am hoping for another beach walk tonight, paddling along the seashore and looking for treasures with my basket .. I must look like a bit of a Miss Marple character! you can see it on their faces, ah look at the dotty woman ... shame!  Ha Ha little do they know what they are missing and what wonderful things that the sea has given up to me and besides which, it is walking, and out in the sea air with bare feet in the surf .. wonderful.

In addition today I have also go do some bits with very very old antique French script paper,  I collects old envelopes and old letters and documents .. I love the French ones when I can get them.  It is lovely to incorporate some into my work on occasions and it works really well when you tear and not cut ... It is in keeping somehow.  I enjoy adding little different things to stitchery like paper, old beads or buttons, it makes a picture so interesting and pretty to look at I always think ..

I must just tell you that I was in the garden at the weekend with my sketch book as there were lots of butterflies on the plants and lavender out there.  I wanted to get to sketch one with its wings up and sat.  Well there was this very obliging species and it sat still for me to sketch it but then turned about for another pose, it was really fabulous but utterly strange, it was not scared at all and sat for me for about 15 minutes ... thrilled!  after my worry over them all not being about they must have come and found me.  Now I can do some proper sketches for my design book which is amazing, as I really did not think it was going to happen this summer.

When thinking about how to go about a new design plus always thinking about the one after  and the one after that  it is good to keep sketches. designs and doodles .. it helps me tremendously with keeping sane and on the right path.  I love playing with water colours too as well as the old fashioned inks ... just lightly colouring over very old papers is a great thing to do and makes it look fabulous sometimes, other times just as it is can be best, depending on your design.

Getting fabrics and threads ready too and we are almost there as now I have my whale button design and a butterfly one too.... I just need to grow two more pairs of arms and hands and I am away!!

Anyway have a great day all of you and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I would love to be able to sketch, one thing I cannot do.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Julie

    I am sure you can .. it comes with practice and I am no Monet I can assure you .. but it just takes a little time and patience. You ought to give it a go. You will see how you improve over time...

    Have a great day... and enjoy your knitting.
    Sarah xxx

  3. I was told exactly the same thing by my old boss when I worked in a craft shop a few years ago. But it is true with many things it just takes practice and patience, and I believe everyone has a talent to do something..........

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Your old boss was right ... go on give it a go, you do not have to show anyone. If it makes you happy and you enjoy it ... You will get better.

      Sarah xxxxxx

  4. Your day sounds lovely. I would love to see you as Miss Marple collecting sea treasures. You'll be wearing purple next.When I went to the WW1 graves in France and Belgium I looked like Miss Marple. I carried a small brown leather case with me and scooped up a teaspoon of earth from each grave I had gone to visit. I wanted to take a little souvenir home with me. Hubby thinks I'm barmy but puts up with it all. Xxx

    1. Hi Dawn

      Thank you my day was lovely and no purple wearing to the beach!!!

      I do not blame you taking a little earth, especially if the people you visited were relatives it is also an honour to have walked amongst hero's too .... I would imagine that there was such an atmosphere there that can not be captured or explained...
      Have a great day!
      Miss Marple! xxxx