Monday 4 July 2016

Sarah Moore Vintage Barn Sale .....

Early morning starts at weekends are
such fun if you are off to a great
vintage event like this one.

As you know Sarah Moore hosts about four vintage events at her beautiful home in West Sussex.  It is a beautiful old farmhouse and is nestled in the South Downs.  No matter what the weather there, it is a gorgeous spot to be able to look about the country side and see green green fields and trees with flowers everywhere.

Sarah has a huge barn which is filled with scrumptious vintage goodies and she also opens up her work room with stalls in there as well as each stable has someone set up cosily in each one.

There is always a pop up cafe with irresistible cakes and light lunches on offer, which is run by Hector and Fox.  Great coffee and teas and a lovely atmosphere as well. Today was no exception as they had fresh scones, homemade jam and cream on offer along side fresh meringues with a rhubarb and ginger compote.... It is always fresh coffee not instant and different teas to choose from.

Well we arrived in plenty of time and the opening was at 10am.  We took our new car as well which we only picked up the day before. (our other Discovery was 14 years old) and we needed something a little newer and more reliable because of going all over the country to fairs.  It is nice for me to feel more secure now if I go further a field on my own.  We now have a 2 year old Discovery 4 in black and she is beautiful ... thus I have named her 'Belle' ... Belle purrs and it was a really smooth and quiet ride.  With a built in sat nav even I can find obscure places now ..... Well at least I hope so!!

The weather was sunny when we arrived ( we had a couple of showers too)  But mostly people were inside looking and buying.

Liz and Jack were there of the Washer woman and La Camionnette bleue fame with a huge stall of such stunning French fabrics that you did not know where to look next ... yes dear readers I did indulge!  There were little table lamps everywhere lighting up all the corners in what is usually Sarah's personal work space with log burner inside for warmth during the winter months.  Liz had lots of haberdashery bits along side some china and all sorts of gorgeous French finds, as you can see her stall looked stunning.

Most people had put there things in the large barn and so it was a fluid kind of display for them all.  But wow!  So when you took and item to the till it had a ticket on it, which told the helpers taking money who it belonged to and it is written down .. all you need to do as a buyer is pick up what it is that takes your fancy ... people were walking about with arms full of vintage goodies .. I made a trip to the car twice!!!

Sarah Moore had some of her own designs and  makes for you to buy like cushions, pin cushions, purses and china plates .....

Ian and Paul of Hector and Fox not only were in Sarah's farmhouse kitchen cooking up delights but they had things for sale too and had made some beautiful tea cosies out of an old hexagon quilt ... along with other vintage and antique finds to purchase.

 Melanie Jones of The muddy Dog Co. had lots of things to tempt, along with jars of buttons for sale.

Julia Jepps of Gazehound Vintage was there in her own little barn tucked in cosily from any showers that decided to appear.  Julia is a very busy lady at the moment and is about to open her own shop as well, there will be more about that later in the week.

Holly Steele and Steven Nicholas of Nicholas and Steele were there and I found a display that I knew was part of their stock because they always have some beautiful old marmalade or cream jars along with some really pretty old glass jars as well as other vintage goodies spread around the huge barn.

Tracey Pinninston and Jessica Alice were there  with gorgeous things on display all around the large barn.  The sun was out and streaming in through the doors along with candles going and table lamps lit ... it was like wonderland.

Because basically everything was arranged like a huge shop this meant that  everyone had arranged there stock in beautiful  clusters and on old furniture, around the large barn, and so you were not always aware what stock belonged to whom but it is such a wonderful way to display it all rather than table after table in the space through the the barns .. I was told recently 'never under estimate the power of display' and it is so very true!

Rebeccaa Hadnett of Simply Country, Jessica Alice Brocante and Pauline Kelsey and Fred Sheffield also had stock there.  I believe I have them all accounted for and their skills of display along with Sarah's vision for how she feels it would look best was jaw dropping as you can clearly see from the photos.... I was told too that Ian and Paul had a lot to do with the displaying as well (Hector and Fox) and I have to say the artistic way that the large barn was set out was truly magnificant ... people were actually gasping as they walked through the doors.  The atmosphere at this event is electric and people come from far and wide to attend.

I met a great friend there, Sally and she had another friend with her as well called Leith and we managed a huge catch up not only did we have a coffee at Sarah Moores sat outside looking over the South Downs but the four of us went for a late lunch at a pub in the next village!  We ended up staying there until past 5pm .. we did not arrive until 2.45pm though.  It was so lovely to see Sally and Leith and we had such a wonderful time nattering and talking about not only our purchases and how stunning it was but general catch up chatter too.

The work that goes into such an event is outstanding and to open up your home to the general public as well ! ..  Sarah opened up her lounge too for anyone to sit and have a coffee if the weather started to play games.  Her own kitchen was used for all the baking.   All the while her gorgeous dog bramble is welcoming other dogs that had arrived with their owners and a few times I saw him playing enthusiastically with another dog and they were playing chase ...

I bought some lovely bits and not much fabric actually ... I will do a show and tell for you of course but I will just tease you a little ... from Liz and Jack I bought an antique quilt topper that has a backing on.  It is really very beautiful and it is probably going to be a wall hanging but as yet I am unsure ...

It was a really lovely vintage event and it seems such a personal one as well.  It is held at a home not
in a hall or marquee and families with their pets are welcome.  You can wander around the gardens and sit sipping tea or coffee outside or in.  People are all talking to one another and Sarah is busy greeting people and flitting here and there helping either in the kitchen washing up or wandering around checking the displays and tidying after us vintage lot have run around picking things up to buy.!

If you have never been to one of Sarah Moore's pop up vintage events at her home then you really ought to make the journey .. In fact Sarah is not that far from Chichester at all.
 From Bournemouth it only took us about an hour and 20 minutes...

I would like to thank Sarah and her family and all the people who were there stalling for such a lovely welcome and a great day and Paul and Ian for those scrumptious scones .... delicious! oh and for our new but very old patchwork tea pot cover!!!!

We had such a lovely weekend and we went to  Frome on Sunday at the monthly vintage and hand made and independent fair that they hold.  So not only was I was surrounded by gorgeous vintage things on Saturday .. so was I on Sunday as well and met up with the lovely Adele of Number Ten interiors based in Warminster who had a really beautifully displayed stall with too much to tempt people with!!  I am so pleased with my china Adele .. Thank you!

Well that was the news of our weekend and I hope you have enjoyed the read and looking at the
beautiful photos ....

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! .. I am away to my sewing room to get on with a sampler that I am stitching.  I keep looking at the sky here this morning and it is coming over black again, no stitching in the garden again I am afraid! sigh!  ...  I will be back here on Thursday XX


  1. Sounds like it was a fabulous day
    Julie xxxxx

    1. Hi Julie
      It was really very good and meeting up with a friend that I had not seen since last year too it was perfect. It was so beautiful and I have to say the homemade strawberry jam is the best I have ever tasted!

      Have a great day.
      Sarah xxx

  2. Lovely write-up Sarah, thank you for all the mentions! xxx

    1. Hi Lizzie

      Thank you I am pleased you liked the read. It was a great day and your fabrics were beautiful, I am so pleased with our quilt ... It has so many possibilities ...

      Sarah xxx

  3. Gosh, what an amazing day out. Perfick as Pa Larkin would say. I think we need to relocate to West Sussex. I remember watching Sarah when she was on the Interior Design Challenge and loved her ideas then. Another date to go into the diary and doggies welcome. Hurrah. Thank you Sarah x

    1. Hi Dawn

      Oh yes this is a must and dogs are very welcome. Bramble is really generous in sharing the homestead so all is well.

      There will be two more of these this year I believe and the Christmas one is always beautiful with open fire pits outside to sit around...

      Sarah xxx

  4. Leith and I really enjoyed Sarah Moore's event (wouldn't miss it) and your company was icing on the cake.... thank you for contributing to a great day out! 💝 sally

  5. Sally

    It really was a great day and as you say the icing on the cake was getting together..
    Sarah xxxx

  6. I would love to come to a sale at the bar. Pls could I be added to a mailing list? Many thanks. Alexis

  7. Sounds yummy. Would lurve 2 b added to mailing list. Am saving to go already😊

  8. Sounds yummy. Would lurve 2 b added to mailing list. Am saving to go already😊

  9. Sounds yummy. Would lurve 2 b added to mailing list. Am saving to go already😊

  10. Hi Sarah i have 2 hand carved chairs of a pair of hands left and right i have no idea how or where to sell them i have lost touch with people i knew years ago as i have become a bit of a recluse i hope this is not too cheeky of me asking any help would be greatly appreciated thank you J Moore

  11. Could i be added to a mailing list i would love to take a trip down there . Shirley

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