Friday 29 July 2016

Exquisite vintage mother of pearl buttons, fabrics and threads ....

Things of beauty to stitch
onto something to look at...
Not to leave in a tin or a drawer ..

I have quite a collection going on now, not just mother of pearl buttons on cards or in a box but bigger more detailed and exquisite ones, like my whale.  I have half man in the moon, flowers, hearts and cupids too... all to be used and displayed on stitchery and not just to be left in a box for the world not to see, it would be a crime!

If, like me, you are a lover of buttons and you have some beauties then I was thinking about just doing a button picture to frame.  It could be buttons in rows and you could add underneath it a poem you love or the name of each button .. like heart. moon. whale. cupid ... 

Take it to the framers and then it could go on a wall to be admired.... It was all the button tin talk we were having this week.  Why leave them in a tin not to be looked at!!

If you got some vintage linen or even delicate patterned vintage piece of fabric and started sewing buttons on it would be a stunning picture in its own right ... only a button admirer might get it but there are a lot of us now and we are becoming a powerful army of button preservers ..

I mean they look great in jars do not get me wrong but a picture made purely from buttons .. why not indeed!

I am thinking this would be a great project to do and it only really involves sewing buttons, you do not have to stitch words if you do not want to.  The words of course can make it different again and do not have to be about buttons as I said just a bit of your favourite poem of something from your favourite poem writer such as Shelley or Byron maybe or any words that you love or mean something to you personally..

Two souls but with a single thought
two hearts that beat as one.

That is one of my favourites from Keats and has nothing to do with buttons but I think would look beautiful on a button picture ..or indeed another saying I love and means something is 'some people feel the rain' others just get wet' that is another of my favourites but I do not know where I know it from .....

Having a few little drawers with buttons in I have a bit of a collection going on some of the mop buttons are very very old but plain and others I have in my collection are larger like the moon and more decorative.  This is my button drawer unit along with ribbons as well and my collection of trade cards ..  This is an older picture of it, now it has another little chest of drawers on top of it as well .. that has my water colours and pencils in...  But I love a few hours rooting and truffling around in here ..

As you can see my mind is always designing new things and always so that I do not just keep and save things in drawers and plastics so that moths do not get at them, I am a true believer that things should be used and or displayed and this is way for us to go through and do something with our precious buttons, certainly any that are family heirlooms!

If any of you do one of these please share with me, I would love to see them or indeed any thoughts that you have on my idea. I would love to read.

Well that is it for today and of course the weekend starts here so do not forget to come back tomorrow for a great tutorial... It will get you wanting to stitch! 

Have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend ... as always Happy Stitching! XX

Buttons and patches and cold winds blowing 
the days pass quickly when I am sewing....


  1. I absolutely love buttons. No matter what they are I love them. Prefer pearly and glass ones. When I worked in the craft shop the owners acquired buttons from the local cleaners when they closed down I spent a week sorting the buttons for the shop.

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Julie
      I love the very old glass buttons as well as mop ...
      What a fabulous job! I love sorting buttons.. therapy

      Sarah xxx

  2. Love Keats. There are so many nice things that can be made with buttons.I feel inspired now. Thank you x

  3. Love Keats. There are so many nice things that can be made with buttons.I feel inspired now. Thank you x

  4. Thank you Dawn! .. So pleased xxx

  5. Imagine...a whole week spend rummaging and sorting buttons!! Bliss! Utter bliss! Therapeutic indeed. Xx