Friday 1 July 2016

Busy Bee Day .....

Pinch and a punch the first day of the month
No returns ... 
Oh my school days just came back to me
this little rhyme used to hurt!

JULY!!! ... where oh where is this year going.  Please someone slow down the earth it is has suddenly sped up and precious time is flying and whizzing by at a great rate of knots.  In addition where is Summer .....?

Today there is a bit of a list for me including getting ready to go to Sarah Moore's Vintage Barn Sale tomorrow.  I need to pack my vintage basket with another fabric bag inside it.  Write my list and sort my purse out.  This is not a chore at all and the excitement is building.  

But for now I have to knuckle down to the tasks in hand.  I have two more suffolk puffs to unpick and press and I would like to finish a piece of stitchery that has taken far to long because I keep changing my mind as to what to add hear and there.  This is not like me at all but I now think less is more on this one.  I left it for two weeks at a certain stage and now I am thinking there really is not much more to do or I will spoil it ... I can hear you all repeating my mantra "Let your work speak for its self" ....

Another job for me today is to put vintage reels of cotton on my new holder.  When we went house hunting last weekend we came across the last half hour of a craft market and we went in quickly really to just look around and to clear our heads of  house hunting before the next one so that we did not get confused and merge two into one in our heads.  A quick update we have discarded two but are
going back to view one again ... this is a huge step.  I am not saying too much to jinx anything so I will keep you informed when we have a definite something to tell you ...

Well back to the craft fair, a gentleman there made sewing bits out of wood himself.  Wood based large pin cushions and spool holders, that sort of thing and they were so reasonable in price... too low actually I think but there it is.   I bought a spool holder ( having enough pin cushions for the world to use) and it is so lovely.

What do you think of it.  Each spindle hold four spools of cotton so 32 on this one and it was. now wait for it £20  all hand done by this chap with gorgeous old wood......

It is going to sit in my stitchery room with pride of place I can tell you.

Then to top of our wonderful day last Saturday when we got home after stopping off at a great bistro pub for dinner so we could discuss the days events there was a little parcel waiting for me and in it was my Ebay find.  

I think you all know that I do love the very pretty and rare sewing trade cards from Coates and
Millend.  Millend actually have the most beautiful ones thus far I have to confess, even if I am a J P Coates girls .....   This one is so beautiful and I was over whelmed to have found it ... It is the one with the butterflies pulling a child on a cotton reel carriage and I have to say it is love on my part.  This is a Millend cotton trade card and it took my breathe away, what a beautiful piece of art work, do you not think?

I have used the image before because they are not now under copyright but now I have my own to put in and photograph with what ever I choose to do.  Then this one is going to be framed with non reflective glass to protect it from sun bleach.  I think it maybe stitched to some fabric first ......

Loving butterflies as I do this is a picture perfect for me and then I will get some more framed to adorn the new sewing room that I will have when finally we do make the move to the country....

Well that is it for today.  Do not forget to come back here tomorrow as there is a fabulous little tutorial on making thread button loops to fasten with.  It is easy and precise and great to follow.

I will be taking lots of photos at Sarah Moore's so when I have collated them I will be writing a post on here next week for you all to look at.  If anyone reading this is going then if you see me please say hello ...

Have a great weekend and as always Happy Stitching ... X


  1. I love those little cards they are so pretty. Your cotton reel holder is wonderful.
    Good luck with the house hunting again. By-the-way did you turn one of the Suffolk Puffs inside out...........?
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Well fingers crossed we have found our forever home! Shhhh
      Second look coming soon.....
      We will see ....
      Yes! I have Suffolk puff mania going on WOW .. Thank you

      Exciting times ahead!

      Have a great weekend.

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. Lovely treasures Sarah. Enjoy x

    1. Thank you Dawn!

      Have a great weekend ..

      Sarah xxx