Monday 18 July 2016

And so to stitch! .......

Sewing mends the soul ......

It is Monday morning once more and it terrifying how time is fluttering by at the moment.  We went house hunting on Saturday and I am not saying any more for fear that anything can seem to tip the scales on our move at the moment... As soon as we have something solid I will let you know.. promise. 

When we move I will be taking workshops and I know lots of you have contacted me about it.  It is safe to say by the time we move and have got things sorted we are now looking at next year for them to start, but I promise, I will start on getting workshop dates ready to publish when we have moved to start maybe February or March I hope ....  There is a balance with getting them started asap after Christmas to cheer everyone on those horrible winter months and what can be afforded by all after Christmas so I will take my lead from my eager beavers who keeps messaging me ....

So sewing is mending the soul today and I have been sorting through fabrics and threads to get some work baskets ready so that I can start some new projects this week.  I intend to stitch stitch stitch and try not to think about anything but that...

I have been playing with colours and threads,buttons and mixed media items to get inspiration and blends to get me inspired.  I have literally one tiny embroidered flower to stitch this morning to finish something and then I can move on.

When I am stitching very fine detail I tend to use some normal cotton thread and usually from my vintage collection of spools of cotton.  Some of the colours are so beautiful and the hue of them can no longer be found.  Who knew there were so many greens in the world!

My love of nature is once more into my design and also my love of the sea as well.  I have bought an amazing carved antique mother of pearl button from Ebay and it is travelling to me from the States as we speak.  Just by seeing this beauty a design has formed and I have been working on the design and collecting bits into a basket in its honour.  More about that when it arrives safely.....

Still nature is really very prominent in my designs this last week and I will be having a design day on
Wednesday or least a design morning or afternoon, which ever is the brightest.  We have had dull days here for the last two weeks until around 3/4pm in the afternoon and then the sun has been so bright and warm.  What a very strange summer we are having....

We have such little summer these past two years and very long winters it seems so I want to make the most of all the nature that is about me at the moment and want to go for a long walk this week by the sea at Sandbanks ... Beach combing is one of my favourite pass times and love looking along the shoreline to see what treasures the sea has given up to me that day..

Equally I love walking through woods and country fields and looking at the grass with all the colour changes in one field or the leaves on the trees .... I guess you can safely say I find life a wonder and enjoy all the aspects that opening our eyes to
has to offer.  I consider myself very fortunate to be able to take in all that nature has to offer with its natural beauty and wonders.

I am thinking about all sorts of whimsical ways to use fabrics in some new projects but still for it to look like what it actually is .. If you see what I mean.

This week you can see I am going to throw myself into my stitchery world and get my head down and stitch my little fingers off.  Apart from Thursday when I have to take my mum for a hospital appointment but not until later in the day.  I always wish for early appointments because for myself who hates being late for anything, all I do is clock watch the day away .... So possibly I might stitch on Wednesday, thinking about this and sketch and design on Thursday until I have to leave to pick her up. 

I have been wanting to use some of my light lavender fabrics in something and I think I have decided on a wall hanging to show off some of the fabrics and threads, along with adds of buttons and maybe monograms.  Lots of stitchery and embroidery too.  I love the colours of the light lilacs and lavender colours and I feel a little butterfly coming along on it too .... my doodles are starting to look ok to me
so it will be time to sketch a more structured piece to work from.  It helps me stitch but it is not written in stone so I can change along the way if I see something in my minds eye that might look better or indeed add to the piece.

Well watch this space for a very creative few weeks here at Homespun HQ .. it will keep me sane and content whilst all around me there seems to be madness going on ...

I hope you have a wonderful day whatever you are doing today and as always  ...

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. The button sounds gorgeous and how nice to be inspired by it. I love the coast as well and we are usually there in all weathers as the doggies love swimming in the sea. The other day we found a pretty little piece of broken pottery with a ship's anchor painted on it. I immediately made up a romantic story about it in my head. I'm daft like that! I actually prefer the seaside in winter when the waves are rough, the sky is moody and a cup of tea tastes twice as nice as usual.
    Well let's hope that magic pearl button soon arrives.
    Love Dawn x

  2. Do you have a shady tree to stitch under or do you prefer to work inside Sarah! Xx

    1. Hi Sally

      I love to work in the garden but in the shade. The light is always good and I love watching the birds.
      I think tomorrow it will be too hot though.. The needle slips in your fingers when it is too hot!
      How about you? Inside or out?

      Sarah xxx

  3. Hi Dawn

    I prefer the beach like that too Dawn! And the pottery and story is totally how I think! .. We are not sisters are we! ...

    I am hoping it will be button day soon, I am so excited!

    Sarah xxx

  4. Lol! Don't think we are sisters but obviously made in the same mould!

  5. Oh I hate late appointments too, I clock watch, never want to start anything because I know I will not want to put it down for any reason.

    I'll to see your button. I love the sea. I have just made my five year old grandson a quilt with sail boats on.

    Julie xxxxxx

  6. Oh I hate late appointments too, I clock watch, never want to start anything because I know I will not want to put it down for any reason.

    I'll to see your button. I love the sea. I have just made my five year old grandson a quilt with sail boats on.

    Julie xxxxxx