Friday 15 July 2016

Stitchery talk but first news of a shop opening!


Tomorrow, Saturday 16th July there is a lovely friend of mine Julia Jepps and she is taking over a business called With Love.

The address is 82A High Street, Billingshurst, West Sussex.  Tomorrow it is open from 10am - 5pm and there will be lots going on tomorrow on this special opening day.  There will be goody bags for the first 10 people who spend £25 or more.  There are drinks, cakes and surprises too.

Julia told me that there will be vintage goods there as well as chalk paints to buy to paint old furniture and she will be selling other gifts too.   There will be a list of workshops as well.  Julia has an artistic eye and I have bought vintage bits from here before.  I know there will be lots of gorgeous goodies to tempt all .. Old and New.

You can find With Love on Facebook and I have an email address

If you live around that area why not pop in and say hello and have a look at a great shop in West Sussex and help celebrate with Julia in her new and exciting venture!  I wish you all the best Julia and I am just so sorry I can not be there tomorrow ... Good luck and I will be there soon. XX

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Well today is a bits and bobs day really.  I have some orders in for some journals so I will be making four of those ... yesterday sparked off some interest and I only have one made at the moment.  They are fiddly and you get quite sticky too!! so it takes a while.  I think I will make those this afternoon but this morning I will do some stitchery and then check my sewing room.  I would like to make up some more work baskets as I did not get round to that yesterday.  I found my groove as my husband would say and I just got so into my embroidery I did not want to stop.

I have some fabrics to sort through as well and some ironing of vintage tray cloths is to be done as well ... the ones that I showed you yesterday have now been washed and need a press as well.  One of those may well end up this afternoon on a journal .....

I have a little pile already and waiting so I will go through those first to have a look.  This is one of my favourites and the one that is left .. when you open it out it looks like a heart shape .... I love the autumnal colours ....

Today is a slightly bits and bobs kind of day which is not my favourite but it happens.  Monday will bring sit down and sew day because all the loose ends will have been tied up .. metaphorically speaking, and that is a good thing.   Whilst I am pressing those linens I can then press any fabric that I find for my design baskets too and get the threads out ready with a little pin cushion holding needles for me ....

I want incorporate some of my lilac fabrics in something and thought I would get some bits out to stare at and see what design comes my way ...
I have the one above and some beautiful others that I have not photographed yet, as well as some vintage English paper piecing pieces .... say that quickly!! and I would like to use those at some point as well .....

Well there is no good sitting and thinking about it all, I must get on and we have a big Birthday Bash to go to tonight as well ....  There is a great little tutorial tomorrow so do not forget to come back and watch that with your morning cup of tea or coffee.  I will be out house hunting tomorrow so wish us luck ....
Have a great weekend and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Good luck to your friend for tomorrow.
    Love the lilac colour. Enjoy your party you are going to.
    Good luck with the house hunting

    Julie xxxxx

  2. Thank you Julie for all the above... Need luck with house because for our needs its like a dry well out there right now and this year is moving along! Eeeeek
    I love the colours too and I need to design around them..

    Have a great weekend
    Sarah xxxx

  3. I will look up With Love on fb,sounds brilliant and best of luck.
    Fingers crossed tightly for the perfect house to pop up out of the mist. Beautiful covered journal. I would end up in such a mess if I tried to make one.
    Lovely lovely gentle lilac. Xxx

  4. Hi Dawn
    Thank you! .. We will see what happens.
    Julia is a most lovely lady and her shop will look wonderful.. Fingers crossed for her and a huge turnout.

    Ah lilacs ...

    Sarah xxxx