Thursday 21 July 2016

Antique sewing trade cards & a copier ... the possibilities are endless!

A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars.
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Having had some great advice from a few of you on photo coping images I have been busy.  Although what I am about to show you I got a friend to copy for me on a bigger colour copier than I have right now but will be getting very soon.

I was not sure as to what I was going to stitch, would it make a beautiful quilt ... the answer is quiet rightly yes! it would but with time not on my side for lots of personal projects I have decided maybe wall hangings might be the answer to this but still not greatly sure.  The beauty of patchwork is you can do it in stages and then you can make smaller items or add them together for on big project, such as a quilt.

Also I wanted to hand quilt as well, I know with little time on my hands right now you may think this a little strange and fool hardy but I enjoy hand stitching being one with the fabric so I won't do anything complicated at all but this right now is the way I am thinking of going....

Having some great friends who are quilters I am going to ask for a little advice in the end as to the way to go.  But for now the fun with begin with choosing fabric to go around each picture and in a sort of log cabin effect I am thinking...  It will keep me busy with my design book until I have to leave to pick up my mum for her appointment later anyway.  This is the type of work that I can do today and pick up and put down without spoiling the rhythm and flow.

When I am stitching I get into what my husband calls a groove! so you have a sort of repetitive movement in a way and it flows like a stream.  You can get lots done like this and that is what I am thinking with hand
quilting ... my friends may talk me out of it yet we will see.

I am not what you would call a quilter but I enjoy doing some and had some lessons a couple of years ago so I know some things and of course I still have loads to learn but I can get buy with basic patchwork and quilting, I am along way off from some of the amazing patterns that you see, although I have to say I do like the simple patchwork anyway for our tastes so what I do will fit in nicely I hope.

I had quite a few done so in theory I could get a good sized quilt out of them with borders and they would look great but I honestly do not think it would be possible for me to stitch it together but who knows ... stranger things have happened.   They have come out beautifully and I am thrilled to say the least.

The weather this week so far ... shhhhhhh or it might go!.. has been gorgeous and I am pleased to report I have seen more butterflies which had been worrying me a bit.  Sitting outside in part shade and part sun has been wonderful stitching away with a cold drink and feeling like it is actually July.  The only thing is the needle keeps slipping in my hand where it has been really very hot ... not going to complain though as it seems we have some summer at last ..

Anyway I am looking forward to a few times a week starting to do something with these beauties and see what the outcome in the end will be.

Thank you Dawn  for giving me the information on the linen sheets and the friend who did these for me had some too that are very very soft so I am totally thrilled with them.  They can be cut out and have vintage fabric around them and I think they will look really very fine ......

Anyway all, enjoy this weather that we are experiencing  and have a great day.  And as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Got my comments in a muddle. Have to see your blog differently at the moment. Think I'll go and sit quietly and knit for the rest of the day.....week.....

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Oh Julie!
      Well that comment has come up and good to have you back ... You knit as well as stitch, clever you!!

      The weather, although not complaining has been muggy but last night there was a lovely breeze.. but we go from cold to hot with no chance to start acclimatising ....
      My stitching has been less because the needle kept slipping in my hand .. but wow its been nice to have some summer!

      Enjoy knitting ....

      Sarah xxx

  2. I'm so pleased that you are pleased, these look great, love the butterflies. The possibilities are endless, imagine using old family photographs and making a memories quilt. A little tip about the sheets, ( I haven't tried this yet but I read that somebody reuses the backing and puts their own thin fabric onto the sheets. Have fun Sarah. Xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn! ..
      Oh so many things to photocopy!!!

      Amazing info ..

      Sarah xxx

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