Friday 8 April 2016

Work baskets ...... As promised.

Organizing is what you do before you do something,
 so that when you do it,
 it is not all mixed up.

 A. A. Milne

The above quote is totally why I do work baskets.  When I have designed a project and I know what colours and fabrics will, I believe, look best, then it is such a fabulous feeling that I have everything in one place to just pick up and begin my working day.  It can take such a long time other wise to get everything and then you have lost an hour or so.

I have been asked so many times about this so I have photographed what I have on the go right now for you.  Which is three baskets.  When I am down to stitching my last one then on a Wednesday I will make up some more to continue the flow and thread.

This picture is of one of my biggest pretty baskets and I often have two projects contained with in it, as there is in this picture.  One is a nursery picture and the other is a home picture that I have to stitch.

I have another basket here to show you which is with the blue handle and there is the basket above plus another basket which is fairly large and this has two projects in it carefully divided.  Somebody once asked me if when I see five projects like this, does it make me panic with what has to be done and the answer to that is quiet simply no! .. it is the opposite for me it makes me feel organised and in control of my days, it pleases me to see that I have things sorted to a point where I can pick up and put down work at at any one point.  If it is cold I can bring a basket to sit by the open fire, if it is a warm day I can take my work in the garden or indeed stay in my stitching room and have everything needed to hand.

Whilst I was photographing these for you and doing the large Spring clean of my stitching room I also started getting another basket ready with some fabric and ribbon that I came across, It is yet to be finished but I did make a start as you can see.

I adore the fabric with the little lamb and have been getting things together to complete this basket and to finish the design off so that I can tick off the list of requirements to be able to sew and complete it.

As you can see I have now chosen the very pretty buttons and some of the threads needed along with a paisley fabric that might (as yet not completely certain) appear in it as well.

It looks great all gathered here but I might well find the paisley is not needed but it is there if it is.  I have always said let your work speak for its self and never keep going until the point where there is just too much for the eye to take in.

Well  I hope you have enjoyed a little peek as to my method of working and that you all have a fabulous weekend.  I have to get started now as it is a half day for me to get ready for my husbands Birthday Bash weekend.....  preparing two dinner parties , one tonight and one tomorrow!!

Do not forget, as always there is a tutorial tomorrow and this is simply not to be missed so please come back here with me in the morning I am going to sneak back before everyone awakes here! shhhhh

Happy Stitching!

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