Thursday 7 April 2016

Rainy days in my sewing room ..... without Miss Muddy Beak!

Rainy days in my sewing room
are actually very lovely.  

Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; 
without rain, there would be no life.

Although we have seen too much rain this year, there is something about it when you do not have to go out in it.  With the rain tapping on the window and the little lamps on with a scented candle I am more that happy stitching, sorting or designing.  I have always loved the rain when I am cosy in bed as well, and it's the same feeling when I am stitching away and looking out at the garden at the back of the house.

Sat there in the warm and the dry I am more than content.  The only thing I miss is the birds, because they are never out in the rain and I miss their chatter and song and I particularly miss  -Miss Muddy Beak ... this is my knick name for the lady blackbird who is always digging around in the borders for worms!  She has been my inspiration for a while now, in my sketches, she has also become nearly as tame with me as the robin.

Yesterday was one of those days, we have had a shower of rain already this morning and more showers are forecast.  It is not a good day for photography or white work but a cosy stitchy kind of day never the less.....

I have my design book out ready to see what is on the list and for anything that I have to search for in my stashes!  If I need a particular colour fabric lets say or a button ... If I have not got anything that I feel will fit the bill then  ... drum roll! I a have a little list and then I can add it on there so that when I attend a fair I can be on the look out and work from this.  It seems terribly organised but it does help me keep a little focused on what I need to buy as well as buying because it is just so beautiful..

If and when the showers stop and there is a little sun today Miss Muddy Beak will be out digging around for worms in the softened soil and I try to take photo's of her for my sketches....  I want to do some designs just for her.  You may ask how I know it is the same bird? well because I have got to know her and there is a difference, plus as I say she is a little tame with me and of course blackbirds have territories and defend them when they are nesting and she does defend!

I have been sorting through some of my antique beads today and that is why I needed the beading needles the other day to pop into a work basket. I have some antique beads that are Victorian and pure glass too but are too large I think for the design I have in mind.  I also have some vintage frosted glass flower beads as well ... very pretty.

I love the beads that I have photographed and I am going to be using some on a few pieces that I plan
to stitch over the next few months and they will be included in a Miss Muddy Beak one as well I am thinking.  We will wait and see.  I have some great sketches but as yet the design is still being worked out in my head.

Well I must away to my sewing as today and tomorrow are short work days for me as there is some housework and baking to be done ... My husbands Birthday weekend is upon me and so I want to make it all very special for him.

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!


  1. I love just to sit and stare out of the window and watch the rain and daydream. We have a robin we have nick-named Humphrey who comes into our garden worm hunting especially when we are out in the garden digging. He's quite lazy really he waits for us to dig the worms for him!
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Julie
    As you say, something about the rain and thinking and dreaming!

    I love the birds that visit us including our robin.

    Have a great weekend .. Sun is now out here but the clouds are looming xxx

  3. The sun is out on our little island, but the rain clouds are scudding across in the swift breeze. Every morning I have Mr & Mrs Crow, and George Seagull and family sat waiting for me to throw out the old cat food for their breakfast. Sadly they were disappointed this morning as Oskar has a wound and is feeling sorry for himself and has ate the lot, and his sister Whisky's too. I like cold wet days as it means I can settle down with my knitting and back to back recorded Escape to the Country and not feel at all guilty that I should be doing something else. Hope you have a lovely husband's birthday weekend xx

  4. Thank you Sandy ... Yes there is something satisfying about being cosy inside and sat creating but not having to go outside in cold and wet weather.

    Sarah xx