Saturday 2 April 2016

Five Most Common Embroidery Stitches || KIN DIY

Good Morning All

This Weekends little tutorial is of the five most common embroidery stitches and this is a great tutorial from KIN DIY.

With these stitches you can make beautiful embroidered pictures and throw in your French Knot that
you have mastered now and voilá you have a lovely piece of stitchery.

I enjoyed watching this so I wanted to share with you all.  Have a wonderful weekend and now that April is here lets hope the weather keeps getting better and better.  I am hoping for a gently warm Summer where each day is warm and sunny.  Stitching in the garden is such a pleasure! to be able to sit in the warmth and watch the birds and bees go about there busy day and the butterflies dance gracefully from flower to flower.

Have a great weekend all and of course Happy Stitching!