Tuesday 26 April 2016

Sarah Moore's Barn Sale ...

This particular quote always reminds me of Sarah Moore's Barn and Pop up events at her beautiful home in West Sussex.  There is always beautiful floral fabrics and cushions made from said fabrics at her events.  Sarah loves floral as most of us vintage ladies do and this event on Saturday was no exception, with floral in abundance......

We set off from home in good time because in fact my husband suggested that we go up later afternoon on Friday and stay in a great pub near there, have dinner in the evening and have a civilised start to the day by being only a few minutes away as I wanted to be there early.  I had arranged to see some vintage friends there too so wanted to be able to have a catch up coffee, chat and cake .. well it
had to be done!  I was so happy with this great surprise.  The pub was amazing and so was dinner and breakfast and there was no fly out of the door .... what a way to start such a great day!

We arrived on time .. there's a shocker! only being two miles down the Road.  Already people were
parking and waiting to go in to the large barn as  to see the Estate House clearance brought by The Painted House.    There was Karen
Lesley Vintage Interiors bringing  eclectic wares and local makers and sellers too.

Also selling there was Rosebud & Violet and Hector and Fox were running the pop up café this time and there was also The Washerwoman who's large display was breathtaking!

Outside there were plants for sale snuggled by the large barn and happy faces everywhere you looked.  Sarah likes to set things out  that just flow rather that table stalls for individuals.  She tends to make her Barn Sales more fluid.  It looks amazing in the lovely setting at Hill Lands Farm in West Sussex.

I met up with Nicki of Quilterdown fame and Sue of Vintage to Victorian we all had a warm drink and piece of cake.  The home made cakes were lovely.  There was carrot, ginger and fruit along with scones if you fancied it.  They were serving filter coffee and there was bacon rolls on offer and a risotto for those arriving lunch time. We all sat at a table and drank our coffee and had a little show and tell of what we had bought.  We kept bumping in to each other going around before the coffee but now was the time to see some bits that had been purchased.  We had a great laugh and a chat and it was lovely to break for half an hour and catch - up......

I wandered around having a look at all the vintage goodies that were on offer and had my list in my hand.  I was able to tick of a few things by the time I had finished.

The Painted House had cleared a large house and there were all sorts of things from Linens to china and old telephones, hats, clothes, kitchen things, cutlery jug and bowls and so much more.  I actually was very good I did not buy anything else for our new house (that we have not found yet) I decided to only buy fabrics and thing of china that I would use to make into things.  I felt very proud of myself indeed.  I have enough to pack up without adding to it at this moment in time.

But ladies and gents there were two stalls with fabrics and there were some lovely things on both.  Liz of  The Washerwoman fame had made her stand stunning with incredible old French fabrics and lots of other goodies to tempt all.  She had several little lamps around which made it all feel cosy and inviting and  I did end up buying a few things from there.  I am exceptionally pleased with one thing in particular, but will explain in the show and tell.

In the same little barn was Emma of Rosebud & Violet and there were some scrummy things made from such beautiful fabric as well so yes I got some
bits from here too.  Show and tell later in the week will reveal all so look out for that.  Where Emma was there was a wood burning stove which was ablaze and it was such a cosy atmosphere.  It was a breezy day and the temperature had dropped a little but there was no rain .. but I kept going back to the stove for a little warm and to keep looking at all the beautiful fabric cushions she had made too.

Can you see on the picture on the right at the bottom?  There is the little wood burner and you can see from the pictures also the view of all the goodies, that whilst warming yourself, you could gaze at.

Outside of in the courtyard there were some stables with some people in displaying some lovely vintage things to buy.  One of them was called Karen Lesley Vintage Interiors and I did buy two things in there for me to do something with.  Everywhere you looked and every time you looked you saw something different.  There were old marmalade jars, quilts, kitchen bits, jugs, handmade pin cushions, jelly moulds but to name a few things.

The last stall there was a lady that I know from this event and we always say hello but I snapped away at all the beautiful things she had in her stall and I bought a few bits but I forgot to pick up a card for her name ... how stupid is that.  It had become colder now and I was feeling it so it was nearly time to go and we had a stop to make before we went home so I must have completely forgotten.  But can you see all the wonderful things that were there to tempt.  Look at the Singer sewing machine and the Lloyd Loom chair PLUS a great set of old suitcases!

It was time to say goodbye because we were going to Midhurst to have some lunch and to go to the New Brocante shop that had opened only two weeks ago.  So we set off and I was not disappointed.  The shop is beautiful and it has an eclectic array of produce from antique buckets with wonderful bunches of flowers to buy to packs of vintage fabrics, cushions, garden antiques, furniture and lots more.

I bought some bits in there and then we went to have some lunch so that we could get back to look after a friends dog, Jake, for the evening while they went out.  I was most keen not to be late for my cuddles!!

Well I hope that you have enjoyed a little wander around the Barns at Sarah Moore's lovely farmhouse.  Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching!

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