Wednesday 27 April 2016

Show & Tell from Sarah Moore's Barn Sale.

Treasures in abundance!

Well as you all know I attended the Sarah Moore Barn Sale on Saturday and I did bring home some treasure's both from there and in Midhurst at the Brocante shop that has recently opened there.

I was fairly restrained because firstly I tried to get what I needed and was on my list and secondly, for two reasons, we are going to be moving and it all needs packing up! and I am going to quite a few vintage fairs in May so I wanted to pace myself slightly.

Well as I said in my post about the fair there was an abundance of lovely vintage goodies to tempt all and it included fabrics, cushions, a Manor House Clearance and other treasures.

There was lots of large print fabrics which would be fabulous for cushions and curtains but in my
work it really is not what I use so I was looking for tiny patterns but I saw a gorgeous piece of fabric that will be made into a cushion top for one of my Lloyd Loom chairs ... if you are a regular reader you know I am collecting some for when we move for the garden and my work space.  All painted different colours all with different cushions to match, so I found this on Liz and Jacks stall .. of Washerwoman fame and it had to come home with me.  I am saving the fabrics up for when we move.  You can see this delicious French fabric at the top of the picture.  In addition to that I bought an old hat stand and it is really beautiful and look how it looks with my cloche hat on it that the lovely Clare of Daisy Darling made for me that I where on cold days with my winter coat.

Then right next to The Washer Woman was
Emma of Rosebud and Violet and she had made some really beautiful things.  I bought a draw string bag ( well draw ribbon bag) and another one of her lavender pillows.  Every time I go I get one and have three now.  I am collecting them for each bed.

The cushion is the pink and blue one and the bag is the one with large yellow flowers.  Such
wonderful fabrics and the smell of the lavender is great.  Also it is said moths hate lavender so I like one or two on the beds so they do not munch my vintage quilts as a light snack!!

Then I went over to Karen Lesley Vintage and bought a couple of bits one was an old pot and the other a huge wooden reel painted slightly red on the shank.  I was looking for one of those and I will of course let you know in a few months what will happen to these two beauties!

I am so pleased with these purchases.  I also wanted an old marmalade jar but there was not one there so I just ticked off what I had.....

Then I went across to another stall and as you remember I forgot to get the name of the lovely lady!
how stupid am I.  I blame it on getting rather cold and looking forward to going to Midhurst for some lunch.  When it gets very cold and it is at the moment with Snow, Hail, Thunder then Sun .. I worry about getting ill again and I really want to get out of the cold.  But any how I bought a beautiful TG Green mixing bowl with a pink interior in mint condition and a great white china jelly mould.  The dresser just groaned when I bounced through the door to wash it up!

Its ok it's going in the cupboard... until we move.

The it was off to Midhurst and to the Brocante shop and it really is worth a visit.  There is so much to look at and see along with buckets of fresh flowers,  lavender pillows (made by Emma of Rosebud and Violet) fabric packs, jars, glass ware, things for the garden and so much more.

I pounced on a few things... One I saw the fabric packs and bought some of those .. there's a shocker!! then I saw a Marmalade Jar that I wanted .. tick and lastly but not least I bought an old clock face that I wanted for a project that is in the design stage and getting the basket ready for.  It was all there and I was thrilled.

Look at those beautiful fabrics. they are so stunning and great muted and faded colours just right for my projects .. along with a piece of French Linen with a light blue stripe .... 

Well this is my show and tell from last Saturday and I hope you have enjoyed sharing these with me.

I am off to my stitching now and to get on with my busy schedule. I hope you all have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing my treasures with me ..

Happy Stitching!



  1. Looks like you had a lovely time at the fair
    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Yes it was lovely and staying over the night before was really great too. It was lovely to catch up with some great friends and relax.

      Thank you again for my treasures ... through the post!

      Sarah xxx