Friday 22 April 2016

Treasures ..... Through the post! ..

My soul is fed, with needle and thread ....
& buttons, fabric, ribbons and stitchery treasures!!

I do not only go to vintage fairs but indeed if I am out and there is a charity shop I have a nose.  In addition to that I do troll E-bay on occasion's too.  And the other day I was having a little look through and I found some embroidery transfers and some silk sewing threads.  

So unless it is buy it now you have to put your bid in and see if you are the highest bidder or successful in your offer.  I always have a price in my head and I will not get into a bidding war, I know what I need to pay for it and that is that OR you can go silly.

One of my favourite things is to find vintage embroidery thread to use in my work and to do that it has to be in good condition and still strong, other wise there is not really a point to it.  So I popped in Vintage thread to see what popped up.  I do get cross though when people miss list things ... Vintage/antiques are exactly that NOT just made and made to look like it.  It is a minefield truly and if you are not sure you must contact the seller and ask a blunt question .. is this real and if so what age.  You will be surprised at some answers and those who do not answer, which speaks volumes.

I of course always ask my vintage buddies 'do you have' or 'can you find' first but on line is good if you are careful.  Postage to has to be taken into consideration and then you can weigh up if it is worth it.  Sometimes postage is free.  But I bought these really beautiful threads on Ebay and I am thrilled with them.  The subtle colours are just right and I am particularly fond of the green colour ones.

So then I saw a embroidery transfer sheet, it was an old Womans Own one probably free with an issue some years ago.  So I put in £1 and I got it ... I think you will agree it is a lovely one and I am going to use some not just let them sit in a folder in my filing cabinet, because where is the sense or joy in that.

I love the lettering on this sheet and the flowers are beautiful as well.  The flowers are fairly large and they will have to, maybe, be used in a corner of one of my designs.  I do not know yet and indeed do not have to decide yet, rest assured though they will be used...

As you can see the transfers are on a big sheet, so when you would like to use one then you need to
cut around it carefully and then iron it in place.  Do not ever throw away the transfer after only one iron as they usually will transfer a multiply amount of times.

The duck is rather cute if you are doing a nursery picture or pillow maybe ....  I like the Christmas rose on the bottom far right of this picture.  I can see that being stitched by me.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at some treasures through the post and that if you have never bought on Ebay that I have helped a little for things to look out for.

Have a wonderful weekend and tomorrow there is a great little film to watch so do not miss it. Tomorrow I am also going to the Sarah Moore Pop Up Fair in West Sussex  and will be meeting up with some vintage buddies too.  We will all go hunting and then have a coffee, chat and probably cake and have a look see what we have all found.

I will be reporting on it next week sometime.  Happy Stitching!


  1. Id exactly what you do on Ebay go to the price I am prepared to pay and if I'm lucky I get the "prize", if not I refuse to bid more.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. I once bid £600 for a box of knitting patterns. It was my first experience of EBay, and thankfully I didn't win! I just got into a bidding war and got carried away, and now I think the patterns wouldn't have been worth anywhere near £600, but it was lucky for the seller! Never again, now I know my limits. Have a lovely day in W Sussex, and if you fancy another trip to the Isle of Wight the next vintage fair is Jayne's Vintage and Retro Fair at Whippingham on 8th May. Weather permitting we're hoping for outside stalls as well as inside AND an original Victorian fair (swings etc). Free admission, parking and Jayne's famous pop up Tea room.

  3. Julie

    It's the sensible thing to do! Other wise you can go too far.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Sarah xx

  4. Hi Sandie

    Sorry will not be able to attend the May one. I have several others over that week and that is enough to attend I am afraid.

    Good luck though and I hope the weather holds for you all.

    Sarah xx