Monday 18 April 2016

The wonder of the Vintage Bazzar !

Behind every stitcher is a huge pile of fabric.
And I may of added to it somewhat !
plus a few additions to my private keep collections....

Ah what can I say, this particular vintage fair that happens four or five times a year is dear to my heart .. I love it and will not miss it by choice.  It is always full of wonderful exhibitors and is either held in Frome (like Saturday) or in Devizes.  I adore this fair so it is a happy woman getting up early
and on the road to be there basically when the doors open. 

I particularly love Frome and the atmosphere of this really vintage town.  People who dress in 1940's clothes as a life style choice not just 'dress up' and it is a happy town surrounded by gorgeous villages and countryside.  The VB is held at the Cheese and Grain in the town and it also has an attached cafe/restaurant there so when you have travelled you can have a lovely coffee on site...  This is such a reasonably priced entry to this fab fair at just £2 and people flock to get here, and no wonder because the stall holders there know their stuff.  They are knowledgeable about antiques/vintage and their  stalls are heart stoppable in the way they are dressed.  The effort and enthusiasm of team VB is intoxicating and there are little lamps on tables and flowers as well as a gorgeous array of everything a vintage girls heart may desire.

You are always greeted by Jack and Mike as you go in, they take the entry fee and offer out leaflets on a large table for any up and coming vintage events, which is so handy.  They are part of the VB team being that their respective wives are the other half of this great event.  I found Liz of The Washerwoman fame straight away to say hello and to catch up a little and look around her beautiful stall.  I managed to take a photo of a most beautiful picnic set before she wrapped it up as it had already been sold.  You can see it on the top line of the photo on the right...

There were all manner of beautiful fabrics, buttons, clothes and lots of French goodies to buy it was really beautiful and so much to choose from.

I had to quickly find a few people who had some vintage goodies for me and one of them was Elaine of Ted & Bunny and this lady has the most wonderful welcoming smile I think I have ever seen, always happy and lovely to chat to. I had seen two beautiful vintage baskets that Elaine had and so had bought them to pick up plus she always looks out paisley for me and I never know if she has been successful in her endeavours but there was no disappointment, Elaine had managed to find me a little bundle so my day was off to a grand start.  Elaine's stall had so much to see and she had covered an ottoman with the most wonderful fabrics.  Have a look at the photo on the left at the bottom.

There were fabrics, pictures, books and all manner of great finds.  I picked up my treasures went on my way smiling.  To find Sue of Vintage to Victorian because I had put in an request for her to find me some things and she, like Elaine had managed to get me my hearts desire!  Now I am not going to say what it was because you will see in the show & tell later in the week.  It did not stop there though because her stall really was full of the most wonderful things imaginable.  Carved mother of pearl buttons, fabrics, quilt pieces, patchwork pieces, embroidery threads  and oodles of haberdashery items and so much more so I really did have a wonderful time here and of course a little catch up and chat.  I also gave her a huge hug because of two reasons, One was Hi hope you are well and good to see you and two .. I can not believe how hard you worked on my pre order! you utter star lady!  Now that I had caught up with my pre orders I was able to amble around looking and taking photos of one of the best fairs that I had seen.  There was so much talent and goodies under one roof that it was jaw dropping and I was happy because I had two baskets to fill .......

Who though should I spy next but Ali of Betty and Violet, I could not believe it because last year she opened her own shop and here she was in Frome, it was so lovely to see here.  We had a wonderful chatty catch-up and I asked her if her shop was open and if so who was in there.  She said her mum had taken over for the day and thank goodness for mums! I seconded that one.  Alison has a great eye and her stall always looks very impressive with antique clothes and fabrics, buttons and things that she has made out of vintage fabrics or has had made for her for the shop.  Some of which had been brought to Frome that day.  Tiny little vintage shoes and strawberry pin cushions .... It was a feast on the eyes I can tell you.  Well you can see that from the picture!

Can you see all that gorgeous vintage treasure?  You can imagine how busy she was.  I will be going to a vintage fair in August and it is not too far from Alison's shop.  I am long over due of a visit but I will be there in August for sure and can not wait to wander around because can you imagine what goodies there will be if this is a sample of it !!!

Then I came across Jo of Hesta Nesta fame and her lovely husband was there too! double delight... Well this is a lady who makes me laugh so much we just laugh and laugh.  It is good for the soul plus her stall is always gorgeous.  From antique costumes to fabrics, feather fans, shoes, purses and so so much more.  There was an amazing 1920's head dress that was a stunner and she had sold that by the time I got to her but I was able to have a peek.  I bought some beautiful things from Jo and I must have been chatting with her for about half an hour at least in between her selling and helping people.

Wait until the show & tell and see the treasures that I bought here. I will see Jo again in early May at Decorative Living Fair so I can not wait. There is talk of a night time jolly as well so the four of us can catch up properly ......

It was time to move on and by now I had lost my husband who had gone off into Frome for record day with Mike (of VB fame and who had left Jack to man the front of house) to go to have a look at records .. both with stories about who had dragged whom to the shops and who had encourage who to buy some vinyl's it was rather amusing ..... As my baskets were filling up I really had nothing to say about it but it was very very funny to listen to such tall tales of woe as to who had encouraged who !!

I found Clare of Daisy Darling and this is one of the VB team .... married to the other half of the record hunting team .. Clare makes the most beautiful hats.  The 1920's style cloche hats and they are wow factor.  Such a clever milliner and if you are a regular reader you will know that Clare made one for me a while back and I love it in the winter.  She also makes Summer hats too.

Her stall was full of beautiful hand made items and she was the lady who originally designed little dresses on hangers she made with lovely vintage fabrics.  In addition to Clare's amazing talent of making she sells fabrics and other vintage goodies to tempt all.

Belinda of Ginger & Rose was there too and she is such a great lady.  Her stall is always beautifully dressed and has oodles of great things to tempt.  Today was no exception with gorgeous brooches, beads and necklaces with bits of lace and a whole eclectic array of goodies.  We had a quick chat as she was very busy but she ran after me and handed me a piece of fabric that was stunning ... and it was a gift!  I could not believe it.  Such a lovely lady and I tried to say no I must pay you for it and she would not budge so I accepted my wonderful gift with grace and thanks ... it will be in the show & tell as well, you wait until you see it!

When I came into the fair I had bought a cup of tea for my good friend Jenny of Tilly - D fame and handed it to her.  She had a swarm of people around her beautiful stall so I left her and now it was time to go back to say hello and take some photos for you.  Jenny has an eye for stunning fabrics and all things vintage and as you know I visited her in Cranborne (yesterdays post) Jenny was still busy helping a customer but I was able to take some photo's for you and as you can see everything (that was left) was wonderful and her dressed table always is so eye catching.  Look at the quilts and fabrics that Jenny had brought along ... delicious!

Then I went back near Elaine and met Linda Campbell-Down and was utterly amazed at this ladies stall, I stared at it for so long because it was a large stall and it had so many childhood memories for people on there as well as fabrics and laces and so much more.  I introduced myself to her and I was able to take some photos, which she does not let happen as a norm because some people in the past have used the photos and not accredited them to her and that becomes very complicated when you are selling and it is very dishonest too.  Luckily Elaine did vouch for me so here I am with a first for on here and just feast your eyes !

There is the mad hatter, dolls and so much more.  Isn't it beautiful.  I am not sure I did it as much justice as it deserves but believe me if you come across this lady at a fair do stop at her wonderful stall and take a trip down memory lane.  There are some great things here for decoration in a nursery for example and lots of haberdashery too.....

Suitably Vintage was opposite and here dear readers is always something that is on my list of needs and other vintage goodies that are not but hey ho there only there once so it is decision time as to whether or not to get some things anyway.  My purchases from this lovely couple was a mixture of both to honest with you and I was so thrilled with my treasures .. again at the show & tell later in the week.  We see each other at fairs quite a lot either as stall holder and purchaser or we are all on the hunt for treasures at the same fair.....  Just look at all the things that they had there on offer, feast your eyes on that button box!!!

The Swagman's daughter was just around the corner and I went there to do some truffling.  There are buttons, embroidery threads, cottons, French initial ribbons and so much more.  I was in my element I can tell you.  This lady ( and in my joy I forgot to ask her name) was so very helpful.  I was allowed to stand there and go through books and books of vintage embroidery transfers and I spent a lovely time on this stall and yes some great bits came away with me.  There was so much to look at and I had to go up and down the table several times because your eyes could not take it all in at once .... fabulously wonderful stall.  The difficulty is choosing or saying 'how much for the lot please' ....

I do not know how I missed Maud of Beyond France but I did first time around.  I had gone to the cafe by now for a drink and some food as it was lunchtime and I had not eaten anything and my tummy was telling me off.  Maud came in to get a drink and we could not believe it.  We had a little chat and after I had finished I went straight in to take some photos for you.  I want to go wild on this stall when we move but I am having to be patient.

Look at those stunning blue linens there and all that red and white linen .... I was itching but it is better to wait to see how much I need for covering things .....  So good I was but it was very hard to be indeed.

The Blueberry Patch was next and the owner of that is Sarah and she makes some really beautiful pieces as well as sells vintage china and other vintage goodies.  I was talking to her and said that I thought I had seen her in Blandford but it was not her so decided she has a twin!!

We had a chat and a laugh about it then I realised I had seen her at another fair before but still I remember seeing who I thought was Sarah in Blandford ....   Can you see the cat in the top right picture on the right? made from vintage blanket.

I met up with Anne-Marie of Sky Blue and we not only share a love of vintage but of pom pom making as well.  In fact at one point Anne-Marie could not stop making them.  I did a blog on a great pom pom maker and she went out and bought one.  There was a warning on my blog about how addictive it was in my defence but she did not take heed!!!  After our pom pom talk I was able to take some great photos of her stall and she had some wonderful things on offer including vintage enamel brooches ... In the past I have bought a butterfly, dragonfly and a parrot from her.  There was a lady there who was deliberating over two brooches and in the end I believe bought both as it was impossible to choose.  As you will see there was so many beautiful vintage goodies .....

My time was nearly at an end but I had one more stop to make and this is at Emma Hasell stall of The Sewing Girl fame. Now ladies and gents not only do I want you to see Emma's wonderful stall but also the lady herself.  Emma loves 1940's and her style of choice to dress in is just that.  Emma has decided to enter herself into the Miss Vintage UK competition and I have voted for her.  I am hoping you will too.

If you go on to Facebook and put in Emma Hasell then you will see a photo of her all dressed up in 1940's dress coat and hat, all you do is like her photo.  I will show you the photo in a moment plus others of the incredible lady.  At the show pictured here on the right Emma had dressed like a ammunition's factory girl and it is one of many of her great collection of clothes.
 She says she loves dressing up but she actually is more often seen in vintage clothing than in the modern day things and it suits her so well.

The pictures on the left are just some of her outfits for you to see and the larger picture of Emma in the floral dress with gloves, hat and coat is the photo you are looking for to vote on.  It is so easy to do.  I would put a link on here to make it easier for you but links just do not work on my blog, which is so annoying at times.

I wish Emma all the luck in the world and hope that she wins because she truly deserves to.

I had the most wonderful day at the Vintage Bazaar and would like to thank Liz and Jack and Clare and Mike (Mike of high jacking my husband and viciously dragging him to record shops! .. got to try and believe my husband although I believe it to be a two man escape and run for the vinyl's dash) for working so hard to bring to us such a spectacular vintage fair that is known fondly as the VB ...... Last but not least, in any way, I would like to thank Martha and Eleanor as well who are great helpers and always a pleasure to talk to and a credit to their Mum and Dad.

I hope you have enjoyed a little insight into this great event and I look forward to the next one on the calender on Saturday 30th July at Frome and this is the VB's Giant Jumble Sale Event.

Have a great day all and of course as always Happy Stitching!


  1. Thank you for a fab write-up. Lovely to see you both there. xxx

    1. You are very welcome! It was so good.
      Look forward to the next one!
      Sarah xxx

  2. I so wish I could have gone but enjoyed seeing your photos!

    1. Thank you Hannah ... There are a few more this year. With some forward planning you may be able to get to one. The VB's are one of the best so it's worth the effort.