Monday 11 April 2016

Sorting vintage threads .... oh they are so beautiful!

My beautiful boxes of threads are 
like a huge crayon box of colour and texture.

I am seriously thinking of keeping these beauties out on display in a basket but I am running out of room rapidly in my stitching room.  With having my sewing machine out now with its cover on and pots of scissors and pencils  along with my jar of hearts on the table.  Then there is my book case full of books and the top has jars of needles and ribbons on there, where am I going to display them.

The thing is, I think you will agree they are such wonderful colours and so pretty that do they really belong in a drawer.  That said with the Summer on its way would they get sun damaged in any way so at the the moment I am totally undecided.

Some are thicker thread but most are silky and fine and the middle of that row of threads are the colours that scream out to be on a picture with the sea and shells ....

Today though I am easing my way back in gently after a weekend of great fun and lots of tidying to still do.

I have kept them out for now and will probably put them away out of the sun's reach for use in a design of the future.  They still have their original hand written labels on them and I can not stop gazing at them.

So this morning I will just enjoy the fact that they are out for me to look at and then I will probably pop them away safely to retain those glorious old hues of colour.

It is the Vintage Bazaar in Frome this coming Saturday 16th and I have my list and already have some things to pick up there already.  I will grab my list today and make sure that there is everything on there that I am looking for ... try to be good and fail bitterly about sticking to it.  This is one of my most favourite fairs, with a great atmosphere and with incredible stalls so what is a girl to do !!  and if there is paisley and some vintage threads ...... well I will be undone.  It is also a chance to meet up with some of my lovely vintage loving friends.  I will of course be reporting on it the following week so watch this space.  I have seen some stunning photos of who and what is going to be there, be still my beating heart......

Well today I am going to make it short because I have an awful lot of catching up to do so I will see you back here tomorrow bright and early....

Happy Stitching!


  1. I think what you need is one of those display tables with a glass lift up lid........
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Yes oh clever you Julie!
      Then the room to have one ...

      Sarah xx