Thursday 16 January 2014

Wonderful winter stitching time.

Hello and good morning to you all.

Well with the weather and all it's unpredictabilities at present, I am rather enjoying my design and stitching time.  I love my sewing room and watching  the rain bashing relentlessly at the window.  I adore the sound of the rain and I know I am lucky to be inside in the warm and dry on days like these.

Sometimes if I am waiting for a parcel I sit and sew in my kitchen and have my radio on in the very back ground.  I know alot of you really do not like the Winter but I embrace it, infact I embrace all our seasons.... For me this time of year is a cosy time, and I really adore our open fires going. 

January/February months can be very bleak but in my book if you are cosy and can stitch,  you are living like a Queen and if you have a good hearty stew cooking and a bottle of red wine waiting for later the King is happy too!

Enjoy your day...

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth and the touch of a friendly hand and to talk beside the fire.  It is the time for home.
Edith Sitwell.

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