Thursday 9 January 2014

Joys of a vintage fabric stash

Good morning all!

Well as you all know I have my sewing room and in my beautiful chest of drawers I have a drawer for vintage french linen and a drawer dedicated to vintage glorious vintage fabrics....  When designing a piece and scribbling ideas down in my new design book for this year, I like to have fabric ideas too.  The first place I search is THE drawer..... it makes me smile and have a happy feeling inside.  If I can not seem to find what I think would be perfect then I get in touch with a lovely lady who I buy most of my fabrics from named Sandie!

I love looking at her fabrics and often ( I confess) buy more than really required because OH GOSH that will be perfect for this or that!

As my new designs come together I am happily with my nose in my precious stash sorting out colours and patterns...

At the end of the day  I sharpen my drawing pencils ready for the next day, so with that in mind I will leave you now and go happily to my desk and ponder the possibilities of a new creation.....

Have a wonderful day!

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