Friday 24 January 2014

It maybe winter outside .... but in my heart it's Spring!... sewing whatever the weather!!

Good morning!

Well can you believe it is Friday again ?  I really do not know where the weeks are going!

Oh the rain today is monumental!! I am so pleased to be inside and in my cosy sewing room environment!

This is my designing time as you know but I am starting to make things up.  I am working on picture at the moment and also strangely some Christmas designs!!  It is very strange as we have all just packed up from the big event a few weeks ago, but that is my world.  Good job I love Christmas isn't it.

I have to report my applique/chain stitch seems to be working rather well.  All to be revealed further down the line.

Well I hope what ever you are doing today, that you have a good one....


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