Monday 13 January 2014

The art of calligraphy

Good morning all

Well the weather has got colder here and I have lots of things planned for today.

You will be pleased to know that the prize draw picture The little house sampler is ready for being framed.  I hope that my new framer will do a great job for me.  I have put all my faith in him. Pictures to follow in the week, ready for the draw.

As I mentioned to you all I love calligraphy and I really feel strongly about hand writing.  With all the technology out there ( and don't get me wrong I use my laptop to talk to you all and my mobile phone) I believe the art of the written word is being lost.  With predictive text and spell check how on earth are the new generations going to learn to spell and have neat handwriting?

I love receiving a hand written letter and indeed I hand write letters myself, I think it shows care and time has been spent on the recipient and that to me is special.  If all documents and letters are typed either in email or on paper where is our history for future generations?  I have been researching my family trees for many years now and one of the pleasures of going to the archives is seeing the old hand written documents and letters.  My great mother on my fathers side, played the piano I have learnt.  This was found out in the Church record book as the vicar had written a little note to say that Ellen had played particularly well that day and the congregation had enjoyed singing to her music! now readers tell me that would be recorded by the BDM index we now have computerised.

I am a great lover of history and I believe that is why I am passionate about making goodies from vintage fabrics.

I will leave you with some pictures of beautiful calligraphy writing and what can be achieved.

Have a wonderful day.

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