Thursday 23 January 2014

Chain stitching and applique

Good morning to you all

Today I am only working for the morning as I am taking a friend to hospital this afternoon.  I have a few precious hours and I have decided to experiment with chain stitch and applique shapes.  I wanted to see the results.

I am thoroughly enjoying playing about with ideas and have decided to try some things out just to see.  I always keep my experiment pieces, firstly if they are good then it is nice to have them to look back on and to copy onto my pieces of design work, or to look on in horror and learn from!

I have so many ideas and techniques I wish to play with, the days pass so quickly and get very dull and dark, by 3.30pm at the moment it is like dusk!

When you cut a piece of linen and then start sketching onto it so that you can embroider it is so exciting.  Thread some needles and you are away.......

So I am away to my lovely sewing room and to start playing with the ideas that are bouncing around my head.....  Have a great day :))

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