Friday 10 January 2014

Tailors dummy

Good morning

Where has this week gone?

As you know I love all things stitching and I do not know if I have told you but calligraphy as well.... Story for another day!  anyway I have a beautiful tailors dummy in my sewing room, no I do not make clothes with it but I use it as mood board when gathering my bits and pieces for my projects.  I pin things on there and walk away and later come back and take another look to see if I am really happy with what I have put together!

I find these dummies very useful and I have to admit very pretty in a sewing room.  They are made these days from amazing fabrics as well.  I have a smallish one that sits on my chest of drawers and I am about to look into purchasing a full size one as well.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you are up....Me? well some sewing will go on to stop me getting the shakes but I will be spending some quality time with my husband too...

Happy Stitching..

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