Thursday 30 January 2014

Vintage English 1930/40 Eiderdowns

Hello and good morning to all my readers!

When I am searching for vintage fabrics for me to give a good home to, until they are needed for one of my projects, I always scourer for vintage English eiderdown fabrics.  These precious scraps are from eiderdowns that can not be saved, but bits of the fabric are good to make things with.

I love paisley and if I see it and it is the right price then it has to come home with me and be wrapped and popped into it's appropriate drawer :))

There is something about our English eiderdown, and I do own three that are beautiful and could not possibly be cut up and destroyed from it's beautiful natural state.

I own some lovely paisley fabrics in all sorts of colours and it is always a favourite of mine to use on vintage applique picture that I create.

I do have some suppliers but you can find scraps on Ebay if you look.

So I am off to that sacred drawer now to look for just the right pieces and colours for one of my summer designs....

Happy Stitching!
1940 example of a stunning eiderdown.

1930 example of eiderdown fabric ......

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