Monday 29 February 2016

Sorry for the absence!

Good morning All

Well best laid plans and all that.  The weekend that we were suppose to go to London, we did not.  On the Saturday 13th of February I woke up with an extremely bad chest infection.  It was not there before and just arrived in the night.  This past six months has been a bad one for my health with coughs, flu, colds and chest issues!

I have had two weeks mostly in bed but not been outside the door, finally went out yesterday and found the world to be freezing and also I got very tired very quickly.

After the first week I sat by the fire hand stitching in between coughing and have done an awful lot believe it or not.  As I had work baskets all ready to stitch that is what has kept me sane.  From the coughing my body aches from head to toe and my rib cage is very tender.  Luckily my infection has gone and now I am left with a bit of a cough and tired.

Still I am getting there and that is the whole point, so I am starting off this week slowly and showing you what stitching I have been up too and I am looking forward to actually getting to a vintage fair on Saturday ( The Vintage Bazaar in Devizes) this coming weekend.

We are going to re - book London and I will then go to the Covent Garden vintage market and report on it for you all.....

I have been well taken care of very well indeed and my husband has been cooking .. trying to tempt me to eat.

This week I am trying to get back to some normality.  I can not wait to show you some of my stitching with some funny stories along the way.

From tomorrow the blog will be back up and running.  Thank you to so many of you that have mailed me to ask if all  is ok .....So lovely of you all to make sure I am ok.

Take care all and Happy Stitching!