Saturday 6 February 2016

Martha Edlins Casket in the V & A

Good morning and Happy Weekend!

I think you should all see this amazing piece of embroidery and artwork.  It was stitched by Martha Edlin when she was only 11 years old.

Martha was born in 1660 and stitched this beautiful and stunning casket in 1671.  There is a video on
the Victoria and Albert museum web page .. just go to the home page and in the search put Martha Edlin Casket.  It has no sound to the short video but oh boy you will not be disappointed.  It put me to shame!  

I can not put a link on or I would but I am unable to or even down load the video to this blog for you but here is some information on the casket and a photo to wet your appetite.


Caskets like this were used by girls from well-off families in the 17th century for storing small personal possessions. The caskets were fitted inside with a variety of compartments, suitable for keeping jewellery, cosmetics, writing equipment and letters, needlework tools, tiny toys or keepsakes. They often had mirrors set into their lids, for dressing, and sometimes had secret drawers, in which to keep particularly precious possessions. The cost of the materials and the involvement of a cabinet-maker in making up such a box means that it could only be made within a household which could afford such outlay.
Martha Edlin (1660-1725) worked a series of embroideries during her childhood, including this jewellery case, which were cherished by her descendants and passed down through the female line in her family for over 300 years. We know little about her life, except that she married a man called Richard Richmond and appears to have been a prosperous widow living in Pinner in Greater London at the time she drew up her will, with daughters and grandchildren.   

In the video the casket opens up and you can see inside and its contents .... this is a fabulous short film so enjoy with a warm drink and wonder how long it took!!

I hope you do go and find the video it is really worth it and it is breath taking.

Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday ..... Happy Stitching!


  1. WOW!

    As I always say these days, there was no TV, no Computers, no Electronic distractions then!

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. That is exactly my feeling Juilie.. Creative pursuits were entertainment.
      I try to be creative daily.

      Have a wonderful weekend

      Sarah xx