Monday 8 February 2016

Monday, Monday!! .... with lots of hand stitchery to do.

Spread love wherever you go and let
no one ever come to you without 
leaving happier.

Well this week has started and I have a busy week ahead which continues on into the earlier part of the following one as well.

On Saturday 13th Feb it is the vintage fair at Pamphill in Wimborne, Dorset and I am very much looking forward to that plus I am in London early part of the following week.  I will be going to some of the vintage markets in London and will of course blog about it when I get back and collate it all for you so that you can  see all my  photos and blog about the vintage fair. ( that will be written in London on my laptop for you all on Monday morning) 

I will then make my way to Covent Garden to their vintage market with over 100 stalls .. it says so in my little book that is pictured on the left.  I can not wait to see what is there.  I have a little list and just hope that I might find some of the treasures at this particular vintage event.

Today however I am going to be finishing some of my miniatures and also starting to pack for London for three days...

Tomorrow I would like to start on some of those patchwork pieces I showed you last week and I will be able to show you some progress before the weekend I hope.  I am going to take some hand stitching with me to London because I will spend some time in the hotel and I love to stitch and look out of the window at our beautiful capital...  Our room has the view of the walkie talkie building as well and at night it is quiet a sight to see all lit up..

I am being treated to a lovely meal at the Shard by my husband one evening and I am very much looking forward to it.

I must tell you a funny thing.  I have a commission for a wedding sampler ( plenty of time because it is not needed until the first week of August)  I was sketching my design and the couple would like a little saying stitched on there.   When I think of a saying or come across a poem from Shelley or read something that I can use part of,  I write it in a journal.

I was looking through my journal and came across this one I had written down ( do not know where I got it from but is was some years ago).

Under this window in stormy weather
I marry this man and woman together
Let none but Him who rules the thunder
put this man and woman under!

I am not, of course, going to use this particular rhyme but I must have laughed at it a long time ago
and jotted it down!!

This is what  I love about journal keeping.  You can write down all sorts of things that other wise may be forgotten and then one day flicking through its pages something like that pops up and makes you smile all over again....

Well I am away to my busy day.  I have a list to work from so that I have some order in my life today.  Have a great day and whatever you are doing today be happy.

Happy Stitching!

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