Friday 5 February 2016

Wonderful scraps of vintage patchwork .....

A bed without a quilt is
like a sky without the stars......

.....  And a sewing room without a box of stunning vintage patchwork pieces does not bare thinking about my bloging friends!!

As I am working in miniature at this present time I have been sorting through all my boxes, baskets
and drawers for bits and bobs of tiny pieces of fabrics, quilts, lace, ribbon and more and I came across my huge box of antique patchwork pieces.  I had to sort through and cuddle and touch.  There were some tiny bits of gorgeous quilts and some of them are Victorian.....

I am lucky enough to have bought some beauties over the last few years.  There are paisley's and squiggle quilts bits and all manners of colours, hues and beauty.  Just look at the three in this
photo  (above) ..... Be still my beating heart!

I spent far to much time this morning sorting through but they are so beautiful I thought I would take some photo's for you to look at some of what I have in my 'vintage patchwork stash'!

The photo above is of a piece of squiggle quilt, named as you can see from the squiggle quilting... it looks random but believe me it is not and must take forever to do... I know a few quilters out there
one being a very talented lady called Nicki ...... you know who you are!  some of these pieces you and I could dribble over for ages ... grin!

The picture on the right is a little pile of blue quilt pieces and having sorted through and re acquainted myself with all these beauties, I have decided to do something with some of them next
week so watch this space...

I was up at silly o'clock today and it was still dark so these beautiful colours and fabrics cheered me up no end.

These are some of my antique hexagon quilt pieces yet to be stitched together, If you remember I bought them like this at the Sarah Moore pop up last year.  I am going to stitch some together and keep them the card way up with the fabric around the edge as you see in the photo.  The writing is stunning and very old so I think it would be a shame to hide it.  Then I am going to stitch some of them in the larger 7 hexagon shape (that you see in the photo on the left) to some vintage French linen and take them to my framer to live happily on my wall ... A thing of beauty I think.  And I am going to stitch another one of them to sell ... so if you have some interest in that, then watch this space again or message me.  I can give you a small idea of cost.

The picture on the right here is a small part of a large piece of quilting that I bought and could be a small throw.  It is a quilt topper at the moment and needs backing with something stunning and edged.  Some of the bits of fabric in this are Victorian as well and I feel it would be criminal to cut it up.  It is not huge but deserves to stay as a whole.  There are later bit of fabric in there ending around the late 1930's/early 1940's so it is a rare piece of patchwork indeed and the pieces of fabric span over several decades.  If they could speak what stories they could tell....

This is a few of my red colour ways (picture on the left) and I absolutely love them.  All one day will be made into something stunning and be re purposed from a piece of salvaged antique quilt that lives in a box right now,  to a display piece around our home or someone else who may buy one of my creations.  The photo on the right here is of a whole panel and it is so lovely just as it is I am going to have that framed too next week when I visit my framer....  This will stay with me and will take pride of place somewhere in our home.  I love the delicate colours, although I am not a particular 'pink' person this piece of antique quilting and patchwork is so beautiful in my opinion that I can not think of parting with it... It's delicate colours and pattern will look lovely, in my opinion, framed as is and hung for all to see on display in our home.

These beautiful pieces are in my lemon section, although you can not see it fully they all have very pale lemon fabrics in them.  Two of which are paisley's .. my favourite fabric as you know.

Some day in some way they will be used.  I have some scraps of all the quilt pieces I have shown you except for the whole topper that I will back and border and make into a throw or a wall hanging for above a bed.

I have had too much fun with all this I can tell you.  I love looking through my stashes and of course I am off to my first vintage fair of the year on the 13th of February .... who knows what I will find to add to my ever expanding work room and indeed, what treasures will come home with me,  along with some gorgeous fabrics and patchwork pieces I hope.  The last photo for you on the right is some pink pieces that I have and some hearts that have been cut out of patchwork to stitch on to something yet to be decided upon.  My patchwork and quilting frenzy had to end there and I must now stop chatting to you all and get down to some stitchery, or none of these beautiful pieces of quilting will get to be made into something next week!!

Have a wonderful weekend and do not forget to come back tomorrow as you will be in for a embroidery treat ... It is stunning and very very old ...1600's old !!

Have a wonderful day and a great weekend.

Happy Stitching!


  1. You are really inspiring me to get my stuff out again and just get on!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Julie

    I am so pleased because this is my aim to inspire people to create. Also to buy from people who make unique and bespoke items rather than huge stores and shops. If I inspire someone everyday .. we could become a wonderful and powerful creative army! grin!

    Have a wonderful day and as always thank you for your lovely comments and support.

    Sarah xxxxx

    1. I get inspired, I make from original patterns, but I never manage to sell, there must be a big secret I don't know about there......... I end up giving my creations away to friends which I don't mind at all.
      Julie xxxxxxx

    2. Julie

      why don't you start an Etsy shop or go to vintage fairs. Try it it's good fun as well.