Thursday 3 September 2015

Vintage stitched alphabets booklet.... latest purchase!

Knowing me as you all do by now, you will not be surprised that I have bought a vintage booklet for stitchery alphabets.  It is not English but the letters are the same ie A B C D E etc....

I love doing cross stitch in my personal stitching time as you know and so these alphabets are great because I am going to attempt to design my own sampler in cross stitch as well ( not sure when this will happen because of time)  but still it is something that I wish to do at some point.

This little booklet will be a great help with the alphabet and of course for any saying or quote I might wish to stitch as well.

I found it on Ebay and I got it for £3 on the doorstep as it were so it was a great priced find to boot!!

As you will see from the photographs there are a few to choose from but the bottom two on the picture on the left are my favourites I think.  I do love the almost calligraphy of these alphabets and think they will look great.

I have had a little go at the weekend in planning my own design and have been drawing on graph paper and colouring in the little squares with pencil to see how is will look.  It was a bit of fun on Sunday afternoon and it will hopefully get stitched this Winter.

The red alphabet on the bottom right is lovely too as is the one above ... this is going to be a dilemma I can see!!

I am constantly on the look out for antique embroidery books and booklets and this is one thing I will be looking for in America when I go on the New Hampshire antiques trail .... more about that in October as I go around.

At some point today I will be taking photos of my purchases from the weekend vintage fair at Wisborough Green so I can do a show and tell for you!

Anyway it is time to stop dreaming and to get on with my days work today.  Have a great day whatever you are doing and as always Happy Stitching!

p.s have any of you designed your own cross stitch patterns? would love to hear about it if you have..


  1. I have designed two large pieces, and a set of vintage radios (my husband restores radios and record players) Happy to show & tell
    Julie xxx