Friday 18 September 2015

Show and tell time .... from Sarah Moore & Friends barn sale and Tilly-D

Well it is time to show you what I purchased over last weekend.  I had a great time.  Firstly on the Saturday as you know I attended the Sarah Moore & Friends barn sale and it was amazing full of wonderful wonderful vintage fabrics and goodies.

My husband bought me a vintage preserves cupboard which is original wood that has never been painted or dipped and it is stunning, unfortunately we have taken it to be stored until we move as it will not go in our kitchen at present and I forgot to take a photo of it to show you but rest assured when we move and it is in it rightful place I will post a picture for you.

Never fear I bought some great goodies though.  Have a look at this beautiful purse that Sarah Moore made, I bought it to take to America with me on my holidays and I am very pleased with it.  I leave my normal purse at home with all the Boots, Sainsbury's etc  points cards in and just take two purses.  I have a fabric purse with a union jack stitched on it ( this is for my English money) and then I have bought this purse as it will hold my American dollars and my credit and debit card in it.  This is then easy to see what is what in my handbag! The outside is a beautiful cranberry colour with floral's and inside is an orange velvet and it is just the right size.

I also bought these beauties what do you think of these.  Now these were in amongst bits and bobs
and there was no way for me to know who was selling them ( they had a number system on them to tell the ladies at the till who the money was to go to)  Vintage English paper piecing hexagons and as you can see the vintage paper they are stitched to is as pretty with beautiful calligraphy writing.  I am not even sure what I will be doing with these but rest assured they will be added to something that I will design around them!

Aren't they stunning?  I am so very pleased and think this is what I shall concentrate on whilst on the plane next month.  I think I will sketch a design for them so that when I return home I can make up a project basket with them in.  I have a few ideas popping around my head as I am writing this ......

I also saw some wonderful fabric there on a table
and it has the most lovely colours with greens and reds with some light yellow/cream colours.  Again I am not sure what this will be used on at the moment but it really took my eye so I brought it home with me and it will go into my fabric drawer for now.

The picture does not do the colours justice and I took the photo several times.  It is faded and worn from wearing and washing from its original use but this just adds to its charm and beauty.

I bought a few things from Liz of Washerwoman fame and she had some fabrics that caught my eye
for a project that I have in mind.  Also there were some beautiful French hand stamps for fabrics to embroider so I choose the two that you see.  In addition to that Liz had some antique linen French smocks and I brought one home to modify as a jacket/coat to wear to vintage fairs.  She showed me what to do and I thought it was a great idea, so later on this winter I will be doing something with it for me to wear next year.  It has some hand embroidered monogram detail in the letters of HB and I wish it had been HS for Homespun Stitchworks but there it is,

I particularly love the red and grey fabric that I bought it is French and has great colours that will be something that I have in mind.....

Wandering around I saw some great vintage linen binding and thought it would be great for bunting.  I would like to make some bunting for my
stall at the Vintage Bazaar in October and hope that I have time to get round to it.  With only 4 weeks until I fly to the States I am going to have to use my time wisely to get everything done including packing and making sure the house is tidy for when I return.  There is nothing worse than coming home after a long night flight with no sleep and having to face stuff you have left, along with all the cases you just brought in with a pile of washing to do!!

I also spied a vintage French glass jar that was probably used for preserves at one time or another and
it will go in my dresser for just that, when I make marmalade in January.  I love the seville oranges to make marmalade with a drop of whiskey in it for a little taste and preservative, not as much as my husband I have to say but I thought it a great glass jar to put a big batch in... that is unless I fill it with stitching goodies in my sewing room!!

Then I spotted some vintage postcards all in a wooden container and had fun looking through those.  I found three of Beatrix Potter, one of which is a black and white one of her as an older lady.  I am extremely fond of Beatrix Potter and a great fan of her art work.  I
went to her museum once in the Lake District and I was able to get up close and personal with some of her orginal art.  It is incredible.  In the fur of some of the rabbits you can almost see every individual hair that makes up their fur!  So I brought these home to frame for me to hang up as inspiration and admiration.

So I did very well indeed I think.  I am so very happy with all my purchases that I made and can not wait for the Sarah Moore and friends Christmas vintage fair which is on Sat 5th of December and Sunday 6th of December.  I will be going to that and it is already in my work diary and calender....

So if that was not enough for a weekend of pure vintage pleasure then guess what.... Christchurch every month have a vintage and collectables market and my husband and I went there on Sunday
afternoon and who should be there with her beautiful stall of vintage fabrics and wonders but Jenny of Tilly-D and oh oh oh she had some beautiful fabrics I can tell you. I had been looking for a lovely fabric for a French inspired project and I have found it on her stall along with another 1940 piece of fabric that I can cut up and cut round the flowers to add on to things to make them look pretty.

We caught up with both of our lives and what we had been up too and Jenny will be at the Vintage Bazaar in October, not as a stall
holder but to walk around and have a look so I will see her there.  Also if you live near Christchurch in Dorset the Vintage and collectable market will be on again on Sunday 11th of October and I will try and pop there but it will only be a few day before I leave for the States so who knows.  I am thrilled with my fabric purchases from Tilly-D and they have been put into project baskets ready for use!

So as you can tell I had a thoroughly lovely weekend of fabulous vintage fun!  We also managed to put all our wooden tables and chairs away on Sunday before the horrendous rain set in this week so that was a relief.  We got out our plastic set so that we can still have winter b b q 's with the fire pit and throws.  If is is not raining just cold we can sometimes sit outside all warm drinking mulled wine and have a pizza on the b b q ..... I just adore my seasons as each one brings a different kind of fun!!

Anyway I must away now to my stitching and ticking my huge list of things to do off as I go.

Have a wonderful weekend and do not forget to come back here tomorrow as I have a great tutorial for you all to watch.

Happy Stitching!

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