Tuesday 15 September 2015

Sarah Moore pop up vintage fair!....

Vintage fabrics, buttons, threads &
all kinds of wonderful goodies to tempt!

I truly believe that you meet some of the loveliest people at these kind of fairs, us vintage lot are obsessed with what we love, make and design and we enjoy talking to other like minded people about all of the above.  We seem to all be collectors of something and enjoy seeing what each other have purchased and each others delights are our own.

Sarah and her family live in a most beautiful part of West Sussex in a beautiful old farmhouse with out buildings and a courtyard.  The barn was brimming with wonderful vintage goodies and delights. The stables had been converted into little shops and there was even a vintage scout tent brimming with such
wonderful fabrics I thought I might faint!

As always there was a pop up vintage tea room with stunning old hand embroidered clothes on the tables and table outside in the sun with little jars
of wild flowers on them.  They had pots of tea and cafetiere of coffee along with some wonderful scones, jam and cream and a choice of several other cakes to tempt all.

To my delight I found the lovely Liz and Jack who were exhibiting in the huge barn along with lots of other people who had brought along some
gorgeous goodies.  Mostly everybody had intermingled their stock so it really is a case of showing you pictures of the day and adding a list of exhibitors.

This September pop up fair was even bigger and better than the last
two in my opinion and they had extended all the exhibitors in to other outbuildings as well, which had not been done before... it was a truly fabulous and beautiful event.

I bumped into a dear friend Sally and we caught up later over a coffee and cake along with a friend that had come  with her.  We must have sat and chatted for an hour and caught up.  It was wonderful.  Sally had bought an antique paper style magazine and Oh My! it is stunning.  I was able to look through and see the most  beautiful pictures.

Sarah Moore and friends had really gone to town on this Barn Sale and it
just looked wonderful.  There were lots of people coming and going in the 4 hours that I was there.  Yes four hours.  Firstly I went around and took photos and then I went buying, had my catch up with Sally and chatted to friends... peeking into each others bags to see what each other had bought.  Bramble, Sarah's dog was there and there were other dogs there too with their owners all rubbing along together.  The sun actually shone, which had not been forecast at all.  I can not wait for the Christmas one later this year!

In each of the stables there were different goodies all displayed with great care and imagination.  Inside the big barn it was set out like a shop with furniture, dressers and tables all dressed beautifully.  There were fabrics,
linens, kitchenalia, jugs, jars, pegs, threads, buttons, quilts, antique English paper piecing, old postcards, enamel wares and so so much more!

This two day event really is one for your diary if you can make the trip.  You will not be disappointed at all and it feels like a small gathering of people, all friendly and cosy but in fact lots of people go there all through the weekend but yet it feels like friends getting together, you forget it is actually a vintage fair in a way.  The joy, however, is that you can buy what you see and it is such a friendly atmosphere as well.

All in all there were 14 exhibitors there but it seemed like more some how.  I guess because it is set out like one huge beautiful shop in the middle with 7 or 8 other shops spread around the courtyard and stables with stock mingled together to get such beautiful displays, it is pure eye candy!

The exhibitors were as follows.  Sarah Moore. Michelle Essam of Found Country Antiques, Rebecca Hadnett of Simply Country, Sarah Kingston of
Goose Home & Garden, Jill Gibbons of Rosebud Decorative, Liz & Jack Van Hasslet of The Washerwoman & La Camonnette Bleue, Antoinette O'Sullivan of Seathrift Interiors, Julia Grant of Winters Moon, Jessica Raymont, Julia Jepps of Gazehound Vintage, Jane Scott of Primrose Lane, Pauline Kelsy of Brocante and Hector and Fox.  I hope I have not left anyone out as this list, it was given to me and I am sure everyone would have been on there......

The work that goes into a vintage pop up fair like this at a family home
must be enormous and I would like to thank all involved in this great event. It was an outstanding day and I came away with two bags of goodies and a very old and beautiful free standing preserve cupboard!  I am over the moon with it.  My husband saw it and showed it to me.  I said how beautiful it was and indeed yes I would love one of those for our new house and as if by magic he had bought it and got some help loading it into our car and it came home with us! ( I am one very lucky lady!!)

I will be doing a show and tell for you later in the week of the goodies that I bought there.  I had a great day and found some wonderful bits and bobs indeed.

In fact I had a great weekend because on the Sunday there was the vintage market in Christchurch in Dorset ( about 3 miles away from where we live) and I went there and found the lovely Jenny of Tilly- D and she had two pieces of fabric that I had been searching for so they came home with me on the Sunday!!

I will add those two fabrics to my show and tell so that you can see them too.  After we left Sarah Moore & Friends Barn Sale we went to Medhurst village and found a fabulous restaurant and had a lovely meal before heading off home.

I hope you have enjoyed this little look, I am away to my stitching and painting... yes painting (more on that later in the week too)  Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!


  1. Is this the same Sarah Moore who does the "Money for Nothing" weekday afternoon programme? Looks like you all had a lovely time
    Julie xxxx

  2. Hello Julie
    Yes it is the very same Sarah Moore, she has done three of these pop up fairs at her beautiful home in West Sussex and is hosting another in December for Christmas as well. Not to be missed!

    It really was a magical time with lots of vintage goodies!
    Sarah x

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