Monday 21 September 2015

A peek at what is coming to the Vintage Bazaar with me in October!

I have been so busy recently and it really has been manic.  As you all know I do work for publication as well as getting ready for my first vintage fair at the Vintage Bazaar in Frome on Saturday 31st October, having just flown back from America the day before! .. never let it be said I do things by half.

I have been busy doing a stitching cupboard to bring to sell, vintage fabric packs and a little of my stitchery.  I have not had time to do lots of stitching for it but some will be there.  I will have vintage mother of pearl buttons, some china, some furniture, vintage Welsh blankets, vintage hand embroidered cloths and some more surprises......

All of which has to be ready by the end of the first week of October so that I can just load the car to be at Frome on time ( with bags under the eyes!) but I would not miss it for the world ....

So a little peek day .. here it is the beautiful stitching cupboard ( well I think so and had thoughts of keeping it after all the work that has gone into this)  It is painted, distressed and waxed with new handles and stitching stencils.  You wait until you see the inside!  I hope that some of you will be able to attend the VB and take a look.  In one of the drawers at the top there is a cotton spool store and there are two shelves inside. You could put baskets inside to keep things tidy or just fold your fabric and pile it high!

I will be bringing some very old kilner jars that have a pin cushion top to them now and then you have storage inside for buttons or embroidery threads or maybe packets of needles.

I have made up some really lovely fabric packs with good size pieces of fabrics inside.  Some bit of the fabrics are paisley ( yes I have let some go!)  The prices are reasonable for what you get inside.

Then I have made this ... I made some of these for publication  nearly two years ago and thought I would make at least one to take to the VB ( well it will be practically November so Christmas will be coming along soon enough and I will not be doing the Christmas VB)  It is stitched on C1900 slubby linen and is hand embroidered.  All on a very large Wool Mill Spool with the most unusual and beautiful carved antique mother of pearl button on the top ( as it is a star)  with a vintage mother of pearl buckle and another mother of pearl button on the back with a very very old yo yo ( I think it is Victorian because of the fabric... it could of course be Victorian fabric made later but it has been made up a very long time I know that)

So as you can see there will be some great bits and bobs.  I have designed (in my head) my layout for
the stall and I hope all this works on the day.....

In addition I am hoping to bring back some gorgeous American antiques as well so watch the space on Vintage Bazaar facebook, website and here.  I will be sending photos to the VB in the first week of my trip (if I have some finds that is .. )

I will taking some of these antique suitcases as well on the day, which I have up cycled..... and an old picnic basket.  Well that is it for today .. less talk and more action!

I will show you some more in a week or so just to wet your appetite.  Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!

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