Friday 11 September 2015

Designing days, vintage fabric inspiration packs and embroidery stitches!

By all these lovely tokens September days are here.
With Summer's best of weather.
And Autumn's best of cheer!

Helen Hunt Jackson.

With this wonderful week of Indian summer days we have been having and sitting in my garden stitching and sketching it is hard to believe that we are suppose to have horrid weather again over the weekend and early next week ~ I have loved this warm hazy week.

I have been working on a French sort of theme for a design as you know and then an idea came into my brain and I had to spend an hour of my day jotting down the ideas that I had so that I could work on it later on this year.  It is based on the 1920 era and so I have had to sort a mood board and I will do some more homework on the beading work that went on then, that made clothes positively shimmer and move like the dress they were wearing was a cascade of pearls dancing on a river!

The beaded work on dresses and the embroidery details were beautiful so I will want to look into that more so that I can see for myself the designs that might emerge from it.

I wrote down my idea and did a few very crude design sketches so that when I come back to this design I can go back to the thoughts that I was having and continue that train of thought.

As a stitcher and designer of fabric art I often worry about my ideas drying up and having a stitcher's version of writers block ~ At the moment, touch wood I do not seem to have a problem with ideas but indeed have to pull myself away from them to get on with the stitching in hand.....

I am thrilled with this idea and have put it aside to continue with my work that I am in the middle of including getting things ready to be at the Vintage Bazaar in October.  I look forward to meeting some of you there very much.

Well for today it is back to my designs in hand, I am going to enjoy this last day of warmth before the rain come back ( pout!) would have been lovely to have a great September...

Anyway have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching!

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