Tuesday 8 September 2015

Vintage on the Green fair ... show and tell

Good Morning!

Sorry this has taken so long, I have been busy stitching.  Although I had taken some photos for you I have not had time to sort them properly so it has taken a bit longer I am afraid, still I think you will agree that I bought some lovely bits and bobs and so I have kept you waiting long enough!

Well I had a great day and as I walked in I saw the lovely Simone of Aryes and Graces and there it
was like a beacon!  The most beautiful hare I had ever seen in my life.  All hand made and it seemed just for me, there was no deliberation it had to come home with me.  The sleeping hare......

Isn't she beautiful and perfect.  I am so over the moon and look at her daily... she is perfect!

The talented Simone is one of my favourite designers and stitcher's and I have several of her pieces now.  I am an avid collector of her work.

Then moving along with an enormous smile on my face I saw Suzy from hearts 'n' kisses and I bought two of her patches to stitch on to one of my tops.  Which I have done now.  They are perfect and just what I wanted to do but have not had the time to do stitchery for myself lately.... I bought theses two and I am really pleased with how my top looks with these beauties on them.

I then moved along and saw the most beautiful sampler and I kept looking at it and moving away again, telling myself that I had my big purchase of the day ( my darling hare) and that I am off on an
antique trail in America in a few weeks so best leave it for someone else.  Then I told myself if it is still there in half an hour than it was fate and supposed to come back home with me and Ta Dah ~ it was fate!  Have a look at the beautiful hankie that someone has embroidered like a sampler in 1916 and it is still in the original frame as well.

I am really pleased that this did come home with me and it will have pride of place with the other samplers that I have been collecting.  I am hoping to bring some back from the States as well when we go vintage hunting!

Well as you can see there is a theme going on here ... it was all for me personally and no fabric for
my business at all so it had to be put right somehow.  I found some wonderful fabrics at the Velvet Ribbon stall and with the Jo at Hesta Nesta.  It was all delicious reds at the VR and look what I brought home...  Just in time for Christmas and Valentine designs.

And Hesta Nesta had some stunning ticking that had to come home for another design I have in mind at the moment.

When I was looking around I found this beautiful piece of vintage quilt and two small antique mother
of pearl buckles for something that I am still in the middle of sketching but I knew these would be perfect in every way.  These were bought from Suitably Vintage and I am thrilled.

The piece of antique green and blue quilt has nothing designed for it yet but it was so different and so lovely it was a must to come back with me and so that will feature in something later on at some point.

When I blogged about the fair Vintage on the Green I told you about a great stall that was like a haberdashery but with a difference called Marina Adinolfi with shells, embroidery threads, pins, needles, buttons and so much more.  I looked around this stall for simply ages.  Every time you
looked you saw something different it was amazing well I bought some exquisite French pins, some mother of pearl buttons that are oval and carved and some really beautiful embroidery threads in light greys and greens.... take a look.

I really did have a wonderful day and bought some beautiful vintage goodies as well.

I hope you think it was worth the wait with the show and tell and again I am sorry that it has been over a week for you to see it all.

Well I must away to my stitching ...after another peek and my beautiful hare!

Happy Stitching!

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