Thursday 13 November 2014

Vintage patterns

 When I was in New England we went to a one of the little sea side towns and joy of joy I found a vintage shop !!  Can you imagine how pleased I was.  The town is called Province and is in Massachusetts.

So I ducked in and had good rummage about.  There were lots of vintage clothes and trinkets but I found some vintage patterns.  They are very popular now.  If you find a vintage pattern of a forties style and then buy some vintage fabric to make it up, you have a forties suite.

The lovely Donna Flower sells vintage fabrics and some she has meters of, so if you find a fabric you like then you have a genuine vintage outfit that is new!!!!

I also picked up two more patterns that are for aprons.  They are fabulous they really are.

I simply adore all the vintage era coming back, it is so chic and different than all the mass produced fabrics and clothes that you can buy now and quiet frankly better quality.

I leave you today with pictures of my wonderful vintage finds from America.

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!!

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