Monday 10 November 2014

Mountmellick Embroidery .... Book by Pat Trott

I thought you may like to see a book that I have just purchased.  It is Mountmellick Embroidery by Pat Trott.

It shows you the techniques of how to stitch white on white with linens and cottons.  There of course patterns for you but I will be drawing my own for some of my new designs.  It is a stunning art and I hope that it will look splendid with some of my art work.

Take a look at what can be achieved with this embroidery.  I highly recommend this book and should be on some of your Christmas wish lists!!

Mountmellick work

This beautiful richly textured, white-on-white embroidery was developed in the early nineteenth century in Mountmellick, Ireland - where designs were inspired by nature and the lovely flowers growing around the area.

The embroidery is traditionally worked on close-woven cotton with cotton thread and it has a great elegance. Flowing floral patterns intertwine with stems and leaves, the smooth satin stitches contrasting wonderfully with the padded, knotted stitchery and untextured background. These natural designs are often fairly large and the sculptured patterns have an appealing bold quality, which is enhanced by the absence of colour and the addition of knitted fringed fringes. Pat Trott explains all the techniques with clear step-by-step photography and inspiring easy-to-follow projects. This book will be welcomed by beginners and also embroiderers of all skill levels.
* Classic technique with revival of popularity

* Very little competition

* High profile author who runs workshops and courses

I hope you have enjoyed a peek and I am sure you will love playing around with designs yourself.  I thought that I would use some of this work on my Mermaid picture..... What do you think?

Happy Stitching!

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