Monday 17 November 2014

Vintage china and mother of pearl buttons!

Good morning all

Last weekend I popped over to see my mum and she said there was some vintage and antiques at her local market so we walked along to look.

I bought the most beautiful china cup and saucer to complete my personal set.  I needed eight and now I have them.  I am looking out for vintage dinner plates and side plates too,  They can all be different as I love that look and it is wonderful on my dresser in the kitchen.

So before I washed it and put it in pride of place I took some photos, one with some of my treasured mother of pearl buttons!

I am sorting through my buttons and deciding which ones to stitch onto which new design.  I do get side tracked looking at them! You can see why as some are stunning.

Look at this beautiful cup and saucer, You can not see its little stand that lifts it from the
saucer, but all the ones I collect have the little heel.

Can you see my distraction with these mother of pearl vintage beauties?
How am I supposed to concentrate with the job in hand!

You will see I took the photos on my lovely vintage quilt, which is on our bed at the moment.  It seemed like a great backdrop and also safe for the lovely china to be placed on.

Have a Happy Stitching Day!

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